Roastin’ with Rick: Purple Kush Budder

Rick Cookson

Disclaimer: Under Colorado law, the use of marijuana is restricted to those aged 21 and older or those with a valid medical marijuana license. Colorado State University does not allow the possession or consumption of marijuana, recreational or medical, anywhere on campus. The Collegian does not condone underage consumption of marijuana.


Edited by Rick Cookson and Julio Becerril

This week's review features Organic Alternatives' Purple Kush Budder dabbed out of Kind Creations' oil drum recycler using a 4 mm thick banger bucket nail. (Photo by: Abbie Parr)
This week’s review features Organic Alternatives’ Purple Kush Budder dabbed out of Kind Creations’ oil drum recycler using a 4 mm thick banger bucket nail. (Photo by: Abbie Parr)

At the end of my last review, I promised that for the next Roastin’ with Rick I would be reviewing a concentrate. Well, that concentrate came to me in the form of Purple Kush Budder from Organic Alternatives.

To be honest, in no way was the color of this concentrate appealing to me. Although I liked how smooth the texture of it was, the dark brown hue was moderately unwelcoming. I personally prefer the lighter colored concentrates such as the Blue Dream Sugar Wax I reviewed back in July for 710. Anyhow, the texture was perfect — a perfectly stable and malleable consistency, which made it easy to get the perfect sized dab.

Although I didn’t find this budder to be attractive, the smell was delightfully pleasant and enticing. The aroma was emitted with great force, and held an earthy, but sweet scent with small tinges of berry. The combination of berry and sweet earthiness was slightly odd, but it’s one of those smells that is just alluring.

I dabbed the Purple Kush Budder out of Kind Creations‘ oil drum recycler using a 4 mm thick banger bucket nail. With two different tubes to recycle the water between the two levels of percolators, I experienced no splash back, and perfectly smooth dabs. And, conveniently, the 4 mm thick banger bucket nail retains heat like there’s no tomorrow and I could two, maybe three dabs before having to heat it up again. 

The taste was good. Never mind, the taste was fantastic, and incredibly clean. Every dab gave me a full flavor profile of the budder no matter how big or small — the sweet earthiness in the flavor may have been the most prominent element, and it was splendid. There was small hint of the berry, but it didn’t overpower the earthy flavor. Honestly, I took a few more dabs than I probably should have simply because I loved the flavor.

In addition to the great flavor, inhaling the dabs wasn’t even that harsh. With a THC level of 81.25 percent, I was expecting each dab to be like a jab to the throat, but I exhaled with ease every time with minimal amounts of coughs or grunts.

The high from the Purple Kush Budder was, to no surprise, an utterly hard-hitting indica high with strong effects on my body. I was perfectly relaxed mentally, but physically I felt as if every strain in my body had gone to rest. And, no more than an hour after I took my first dab, I was crawling into bed to get some sleep. As a sleep-aid, this concentrate is perfect; as a creativity improver, it’s not the best choice. 

Overall, I’m giving the Purple Kush Budder 7.5 concentrated leaves out of ten. Although I loved the flavor and smell, the color was somewhat dissatisfying, and because it put me to sleep, I wasn’t able to truly enjoy the high it gave me long enough before I fell asleep.

Thanks for reading, and look for my next review online or in the Collegian Thursday, Oct. 1. 


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