Frame by Frame: Raptor watching

Ryan Schmidt

birder looks through binoculars
William Hoelzel looks at eagles near Ziegler Road Feb. 2. Hoelzel is a birder and noted that eagles are “beautiful creatures.” (Ryan Schmidt | The Collegian)

A tree alongside a road near a concrete supplier does not seem like the most exciting place; however, due to many bald eagles, it was the perfect spot for wildlife enthusiasts to gather. On Feb. 2, as many as 10 bald eagles were spotted where Drake Road turns into Ziegler Road. Their appearance drew birders, photographers and other wildlife lovers to observe these majestic birds. One birder, William Hoelzel, took this as an opportunity to spend some time with his son. He said the birds are majestic and happily helped others spot them. Some brought cameras and binoculars, while some just stopped by to see what was going on. Eagles were on the verge of extinction in the mid-20th century, but because of environmental regulations and the banning of the pesticide DDT, they have made a comeback. Thanks to these actions, they can be viewed and appreciated from a respectable distance by Fort Collins residents.

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