Spring snow settles over Fort Collins, through the eyes of a Collegian photographer

Pratyoosh Kashyap

Spring and snow were two phenomena I had not put together prior to moving to Colorado from New Delhi in the summer of 2019. For us, the spring season is associated with marking the end of winter, with some warm days as we transition into a really hot summer. I did not expect more days of knee-deep snow. Following a few days of sun and a pleasantly cool breeze, all signs of spring were covered in 14 inches of snow in the middle of April.

Snow creates a wonderful contrast with its white color, which I feel is reflected vividly in monochrome photographs. This is also in direct contrast with the color that spring is associated with. Here are some photographs I took during the recent snowfall in Fort Collins. 


Lit under a streetlight, snow settles perfectly on the wheels of a bike left outside in the snow. (Pratyoosh Kashyap | The Collegian)
Icicles form on the grass as the melted snow froze again at night following the snowfall on April 16. (Pratyoosh Kashyap | The Collegian)
Unlike winter days, the sun was out the day following heavy snowfall on April 16, creating shadows with immense contrast on the snow in City Park. (Pratyoosh Kashyap | The Collegian)
Settled gently over the rocks along Sheldon Lake in City Park, the snow shines and creates shadows under the sun. (Pratyoosh Kashyap | The Collegian)
Snow settles on a tree, shining bright in a silhouette under the spring sun. (Pratyoosh Kashyap | The Collegian)
Without much wind to blow the snow off, the snow settles on the branches of trees in layers in Fort Collins April 16. (Pratyoosh Kashyap | The Collegian)

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