Body Artist Takes ‘Face Tunnel’ To Dramatic Extreme

BODY ART ESTREMA - Buchi nelle guance e lingua...
(Photo credit: KoFahu meets the Mitropa)

A new article from the Mirror features an extreme body artist and that massive holes he created in his cheeks.

Artist Joel Miggler modified his face to feature two nearly inch and a half holes in his cheeks, through which you can see his teeth. The modifications are part of 27 total modifications he has made to his body, including tattoos, piercings, and even brandings.


When asked about the public’s response, Miggler said, “When I walk around on the street, people only stare or sometimes ask me questions if they are interested in my jewelry. It is only on social networks that they mostly discriminate and offend me.”

Read more about Miggler’s extreme body modification on the Mirror website.