Puffin’ with Paul: White Killer Chem Review

Paul Kolinski

Disclaimer: Under Colorado law, the use of marijuana is restricted to those aged 21 and older or those with a valid medical marijuana license. Colorado State University does not allow the possession or consumption of marijuana, recreational or medical, anywhere on campus. The Collegian does not condone underage consumption of marijuana.


Hello everybody, and welcome to the first installment of Puffin’ with Paul.

You may recall an earlier article from the 4/20 edition of last year’s paper where the last Roastin’ with Rick and the first Puffin’ with Paul took place. In that edition, I reviewed the BC Mango Honeycomb Wax from Organic Alternatives, which featured a tested average of 63.04% THC. This time, I bring you a different form of concentrate: sugar wax. The strain under review: White Killer Chem. While I would still like to see a bit more potency from these concentrates, the White Killer Chem improved in the potency department, testing at 66.59% THC.

To start, the White Killer Chem is a singular strain available in a concentrate or flower at Organic Alternatives. The interesting part is the genetic lineage of this strain; aptly named ‘The White’ because, during flowering, the buds look as if they are covered in white dust. Upon closer inspection, these buds look dipped in a full layer of trichomes thanks to this strain’s strong genetics. The White is then cross-bred with a plant I suspect to be Killer Chem OG. This genetic mix leaves the user with an experience that is not dominated by sativa or indica, but is rather shared amongst the two – total harmony and bliss.

The sweet and piney scent is very earthy and reminds me of the smell of soil. The sugar wax had a soft and crumbly texture when warmed up to room temperature. I like to store my concentrates in the fridge, and this stable concentrate will definitely need a few minutes to warm up if you store yours in the same spot.

A light golden-brown color throughout the concentrate not only looked delicious, it was delicious. The taste of this sugar wax consisted of some very sweet, earthy tones. There was a strong presence of OG terpenes, which tastes somewhat like the smell of fresh soil – hence the ‘earthy’ tones. I feel as if the OG taste came from the Killer Chem strain. There was also a tinge of melon fruit. To complement the smell of the sugar wax, a bit of that pine tree smell came through in the taste, becoming more noticeable after a few minutes.

I used Kind Creations’ Oil drum k-unit rig, fitted with a 14mm female sugar cube quartz banger and a terp trunk carb-cap to direct airflow and allow for the best flavor. The small size of the rig combined with its effortless function allowed for an extremely flavorful and savory experience.

I felt mostly relaxed with somewhat of a body buzz, without the common drowsiness hybrid marijuana products can often produce. I also took to the fact that this concentrate did not result in the immediate, and sometimes overwhelming, head-rush that often times accompanies concentrates.

I absolutely would recommend picking up this sugar wax, and it comes out to $52.82 after taxes. It deserves at least eight out of 10 leaves for its smoke-ability throughout the day without tiring one out as well as its strong flavor profile that will keep you seeking more.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this edition of Puffin’ with Paul. Look out for the next installment on collegian.com and in the Collegian soon.



White Killer Chem Sugar Wax (Photo Courtesy of Neall Denman)

This column is sponsored by Organic Alternatives & Kind Creations.


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