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CSU alumni and co-organizer of Fort Collins Comic Con, Nick Armstrong throws up a Vulcan salute while holding the 2017 Fort Collins Comic Con program guide. 
(Cassie Alfaro | Collegian)

CSU alumni reflect on starting Fort Collins Comic Con

Kevin Avis August 28, 2017

To find out more about the Fort Collins Comic Con, visit their website at Fort Collins Comic Con, an endeavor that began as the brainchild of two Colorado State University alumni, celebrated...

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Nerdy News: Was “Ghost in the Shell” a success?

Kevin Avis April 5, 2017

Hallelujah, anime fans rejoice! "Ghost in the Shell," the first in a long line of live-action anime adaptations, premiered last Friday in theaters."Ghost in the Shell" is the story of Major, a military...

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Velentia Limited Edition Bundle Artwork

Nerdy News: New Nintendo limited-edition bundle builds hype for Fire Emblem: Shadow of Valentia

Kevin Avis April 3, 2017

If you're like me, you love getting more bang for your buck and are easily excited when a company announces a bundle for a new game they're releasing. Not all bundles are created equal, though. When pre-orders...

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What to expect from next “Boku No Hero Academia” season

March 7, 2017

With three weeks left before the current anime season ends, animators have already begun spoiling the next season with artwork from their shows. One in particular, thanks to character art and a post from...

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Nerdy News: Problems with current anime

Kevin Avis February 21, 2017

As the seasons change, we are given new anime to watch and some seasons are better than others… this rings true for the current season.The current season of anime has an overabundance of moe shows...

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Nerdy News: What to Cosplay next year

Kevin Avis January 26, 2017

A few weeks ago, I mentioned upcoming conventions Animeland Wasabi Con and Colorado Animefest, but with the upcoming venues, it can be hard to decide what to wear... Should I do a repeat of last con?...

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Nerdy News: Upcoming cons to attend

Kevin Avis November 24, 2016

While we take the time to enjoy a well-earned Thanksgiving break, let's take a look back at everything that's happened so far this year. All the things you've done, all the classes you've attended, but,...

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Nerdy News: New Persona game?

Kevin Avis November 16, 2016

Earlier last month, the director of Persona 4's fighting series announced the possibility of a Persona 5 fighting game ahead of the U.S. release of the 5th game. Kazuhisa Wada said: "Regarding a Persona...

Nerdy News: How to choose from the new Magic commander decks

Nerdy News: How to choose from the new Magic commander decks

Kevin Avis November 8, 2016

Magic: The Gathering has been around since the 90's, but only for the past few years have they been making Commander pre-constructed decks that are composed of old and new cards viable in the commander...

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Nerdy News: News of a Forming Union

Kevin Avis November 3, 2016

According to a recent article on Crunchyroll, there has been talk of a union forming in the anime industry due to a recent case: The importance of this case stems from the impact it could have on the...

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Nerdy News: Anime Coming Soon – Part 2

Kevin Avis October 28, 2016

Last time I talked about some of the new shows I saw, but there have been over twenty this season, so I watched more to give an honest opinion of the first episode of most of the new anime that have come...

Nerdy News: What anime should you be watching?

Nerdy News: What anime should you be watching?

Kevin Avis October 12, 2016

Western audiences appear to believe that cartoons are still for children, and that includes anime. Over the years, since Sailor Moon, Astro Boy and Dragonball Z aired in the US, the stigma associated with...

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