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Collegian Reviews (Illustration by Caleb Carpenter | Collegian)

‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile’ showcases a new narrative on a notorious killer

Claire Oliver May 8, 2019

Ted Bundy is a name synonymous with "serial killer" in the United States. His fame came from the first-ever televised murder trial in Florida in 1978 with Bundy’s charismatic personality shining through...

Collegian Reviews (Illustration by Caleb Carpenter | Collegian)

Top 5 true crime Netflix documentaries to watch in the dark

Claire Oliver February 4, 2019

Netflix, a hub for true crime documentaries, has been churning out some of the most interesting and in-depth mini-series for streaming. The new Ted Bundy film, "Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and...

Suspiria tries to take killer dance moves to a whole new level

‘Suspiria’ tries to take killer dance moves to a whole new level

Claire Oliver November 12, 2018

In the wake of Halloween, the reboot of the popular cult classic “Suspiria” was released to much excitement from the cult movie community. The reboot of “Suspiria” was, in a word, okay. While...

Ammons Hall, where the University Welcome Center and Office of Admissions are located, is claimed by some to be the most haunted building on campus. (Anna von Pechmann | The Collegian)

The science of debunking ghosts: paranormal claims investigator disproves bumps in the night

Claire Oliver October 30, 2018
Although Bonner looks at things in a very practical light, he rides the middle line between skeptic and believer. Going into every case not looking for a ghost but not trying to disprove either.
Collegian Reviews (Illustration by Caleb Carpenter | Collegian)

Season 2 of Amazon’s ‘Lore’ terrifies with true human horror stories

Claire Oliver October 22, 2018
Aaron Mahnke's popular podcast “Lore” highlights the mysterious and terrifying things done by ordinary people. The podcast was turned into an Amazon Prime series last year and Oct. 19 saw the release of a new season.
Collegian Reviews (Illustration by Caleb Carpenter | Collegian)

Netflix’s ’22 July’ confronts the horrors of terrorism

Claire Oliver October 15, 2018

When I hear the word “terrorism,” I never think of Scandinavia. But in 2011, Norway was hit by one of the most deadly terrorist attacks in the nation’s history.  The film “22 July” is a docudrama...

Truman Capotes captivating novel In Cold Blood is a great option for those who are spending the day inside (Colin Sheperd | Collegian).

5 ways to connect with fall over Homecoming weekend

Claire Oliver October 11, 2018

CSU homecoming weekend is full of events for current Rammies and alumni to showcase their Ram Pride. After a week of midterms, a more relaxing weekend is also an option for Rammies staying in town during...

The Bean Cycle Roasters in Fort Collins was opened in 2004. Their coffee menu is advanced and adventurous, even featuring select drinks made with CBD oil. (Brooke Buchan | Collegian)

3 coffee shops to study in on International Coffee Day or anytime

Claire Oliver September 30, 2018

This International Coffee Day, there are plenty of local coffee shops to experience, each one with a different atmosphere and unique flavors. Colorado State offers a few shops on campus to sit down...

Mary Beth Tinker poses for a photo with a journalism class from Liberty High School in Colorado Springs. Tinker, best known for the Tinker v. Des Moines Independent School District Supreme Court case of 1969, was the keynote speaker at the J-Day event on September 27th. Tinker was a student involved in a protest of the Vietnam War which led to a supreme court case that has become a key point for students right of free speech. (Matt Tackett | Collegian)

Student advocate Mary Beth Tinker discusses Supreme Court case, free speech

Claire Oliver September 30, 2018
Mary Beth Tinker, a major advocate for student rights, visited Colorado State during J Day.  She spoke to high school and college students about her experience fighting for the right to free speech.
CSU alumna Mary Carlson reads an excerpt of her memoir Drinking from the Trough. Nathan Tran| Collegian

CSU alum shares her veterinary experience in new memoir, ‘Drinking from the Trough”

Claire Oliver September 5, 2018

Becoming a healer of animals can be hard work and dealing with different maladies and injuries can take a toll, but for Mary Carlson, the journey of becoming a veterinarian was worth the long hours. “You...

The University Center for the Arts holds concerts including the Virtuoso Concert Series, which features the faculty of the music department. 
Collegian file photo

Stay cultured: 5 CSU productions to see this fall

Claire Oliver August 29, 2018
The shows are performed by students, with the exception of several guest performers, and showcase the wide variety of talent here at CSU. The shows range from plays put on by theatre students to concerts performed by the music performance students.
James Lopez, CSU alumni and co-organizer of Fort Collins Comic Con, enjoys reading comic books when he is not working alongside his colleagues to make Fort Collins Comic Con an enjoyable convention for all. (Cassie Alfaro | Collegian)

Fort Collins Comic-Con promises exciting weekend of science

Claire Oliver August 23, 2018

Fandoms from Trekkies to Whovians, can look forward to Fort Collins Comic-Con, opening this weekend with science-based panels and local cosplay. The annual Fort Collins Comic-Con opens it’s doors...

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