CSU’s head coach Mike Bobo admitted to hospital, misses Monday practice

Eddie Herz

Colorado State head coach Mike Bobo is undergoing medical evaluation in a hospital due to numbness in his feet, CSU Athletics announced Monday, resulting in him missing Monday’s practice.

Bobo went to the hospital Aug. 11 after CSU’s scrimmage because he was experiencing numbness in his feet, CSU Athletics announced Monday. It is not known how long he will be away from his team.


“I recently began to experience numbness in my feet,” Bobo said in a news release. “After our second scrimmage on Saturday night it was determined by doctors that I should be admitted to the hospital to undergo further testing. I feel very encouraged by the test results to this point and hope to have some answers soon.”

Bobo underwent knee surgery at the end of the spring practice season and has since been in a boot while going through rehab and recovery. 

Athletic Director Joe Parker said he is confident that the Rams’ coaching staff can prosperously lead the team in Bobo’s absence. 

“I want to express my care and concern for Mike Bobo and his family at this time,” Parker said. “Our first priority is to focus on Mike’s health and well-being, and to support that process in every way we can. I share Mike’s confidence that we have tremendous leadership in our football program, and that the coaching staff will continue to successfully guide the team through practices and meetings while he is away.”

With Bobo temporarily out of the picture, it’s safe to say that a combination of wide receiver coach Alvis Whitted, and assistant coach Ronnie Letson will be running practice. 

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