Colorado State Snowboard Team Rallying for Votes in Nationwide RedBull Competition

Colton Strickler

Several members of the Colorado State Snowboard Team spent Tuesday on the plaza campaigning for votes for the RedBull Bracket Reel Snow video contest they are currently a part of.

The RedBull Bracket Reel Snow is a video editing competition specifically designed for collegiate ski and snowboard teams to showcase their skills both on the mountain and in the editing room.


“Winning this competition would be huge for us,” team President Joel Jenks said. “This club is growing and I want it to get bigger and better and this would really show what CSU knows about snowboarding.”

The Rams are currently up against the West Virginia University in the first round of the competition, and will need to beat them in a social media-based fan vote to continue on to the next round.

The contest is made up of 16 collegiate teams competing through four rounds, with each round consisting of videos of a different theme. Whichever team manages to advance through all four rounds will win “an all expenses paid snow trip for the experience of a lifetime” according to the contest description on

The Rams took advantage of the heavy snowfall a few weeks back to get enough footage for the second round, which will be a night riding video, if they receive enough votes to move on.

“It’s for fun really, but deeper than that on an individual and personal level, it’s just a huge confidence boost to see your face and your homies in an edit that RedBull shares,” team manager Alden Truesdale said.

According to Truesdale, he wouldn’t even be at CSU right now if it wasn’t for some of the edits that the snowboard team had put together in the past.

“Our goal is to win, but more than that it is to show our community that we can hang with the big dogs and show our skills on a stage that we never have before” Truesdale said.

Aside from winning the grand prize, the snowboard team is really hoping that this contest will help increase student awareness of the club’s existence on campus.

Voting for the first round ends Friday. To cast your vote go to

For more information on the snowboard team, visit


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