Sickafoose: Transfers prove it’s Larry Eustachy’s team


Marcus Holt isn’t going to have a hard time finding a basketball team to play for.

It’s something that was evident since Colorado State first allowed him to showcase his athleticism to the public in a Rams uniform back in October at Moby Madness. The kid can jump and that’s aside from the fact that he already towers at 6-foot-10. Naturally, it’s what led him to a team-high 21 blocks on the year. Plus, he’s a Colorado kid – something you’ve got to pull for.


Similarly, the effort David Cohn contributed in the 2013-14 season wasn’t anything short of admirable.

Cohn took the floor for the Division I program 31 times, including the five in which he was among CSU’s starters. Sure, 3.9 points and 1.2 rebounds per contest isn’t all that impressive – but when you take into consideration that he did it all before his 19th birthday, it is.

Cohn’s addition was seen more in the 29 assists he dished out to his teammates, his scrappy way of sizing up with opponents and his lack of fear for shooting the 3-point ball.

Unfortunately, neither of them fit into the puzzle that is Larry Eustachy’s task to make the Rams Mountain West contenders again. He’s not a businessman, that’s just business, man.

Holt and Cohn both are on their way out of Fort Collins at the end of the year, in search of another basketball team in need of their services. And you can’t blame them because they wouldn’t be seeing much action anytime soon.

Eustachy has been stacking the roster up and now has an arsenal of weapons to choose from.

It’s a smart move on the head coach’s part. He’s got a number of good basketball players and a limited amount of space for them to go, creating an in-house fight for playing time. The Rams will be competing against each other before they even get their first opponent in November.

It will be interesting to watch it all take shape, to say the least.

Eustachy has his power trio of Daniel Bejarano, Jon Octeus and J.J. Avila returning. Carlton Hurst is hungry to take the fame he found at the high school level at Aurora Central to the next level. Joe De Ciman has already proved that he’s worthy of a spot with the starting five. Dwight Smith has one more shot at playing the way he did against Utah State in the MW tournament loss (21 points, eight rebounds – both career highs) for an entire season.

And then comes the part of trying to figure out where the new guys go.


Despite being ineligible for the first half of the season, Louisville transfer Chane Behanan will be looking to make up for lost time come January – and the chances of not giving a starting position in the Mountain West to a kid who already has a national championship title are slim to none.

On top of that, Eustachy has Stanton Kidd, Dantiel Daniels and Daniel Mulamba, who have left their previous teams to play for the Rams, available. It wasn’t until Cohn and Holt jumped ship over the weekend that CSU was no longer over the NCAA scholarship limit, now with 13 players signed.

If the recent fluctuation of players bouncing in and out has taught us anything, it’s that this is Eustachy’s team. No single player will be able to change that.

Now begins the dogfight to see who lasts.

Collegian Sports Editor Quentin Sickafoose can be reached at and on Twitter @QSickafoose.