Gross: College is a time for piercings — here are the 4 to get


Collegian | Photo Illustration by Reiley Costa

Reiley Costa adjusts her piercings at home after putting in new jewelry Aug. 28.

Dillon Gross, Collegian Columnist

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A new season is stirring here at Colorado State University. Is it from college students back on campus, learning the ins and outs of their classes? Or is it the autumnal pumpkin spice starting to brew in the air as it gets cooler?


Nope. It’s piercing season.

Piercing season is simple in what it entails. It’s the time when every new freshman on campus is getting a piercing of some variety. Whatever your reason is, if you’re considering getting a piercing, you’re in the right place. I’m here to give you a definitive guide on what the best piercing to get at this very exciting time in your college experience is.

A variety of earrings lay spread out on a person's hand on
A variety of earrings lie spread out on a person’s hand Aug. 28. (Collegian | Photo Illustration by Reiley Costa)

1. Nostril piercings

The obvious answer is the classy, timeless, effortlessly beautiful nostril piercing. If there ever was a perfect piercing spot, the nostril would be it. It’s especially attractive for college students who are seeking to show their parents that they’re capable of doing something a little crazy without committing to a tattoo.

The appeals are easy to see. It takes only a few months to heal, and while there is a risk of keloids, they’re typically avoidable by thoroughly following the cleaning instructions the piercer gives you. Once the piercing comes out, there is usually little to no scarring remaining. 

There are also a lot of cool jewelry options for a nostril piercing – ranging from the simple and elegant to the more out-there ideas. The possibilities are endless, making the nostril a great piercing to get.

2. Earlobe piercings

If you’re feeling a little crazy, but not quite that wild, get another set of lobe piercings. Many people think that a lobe piercing is boring, but they don’t see the potential that comes in varying your sets of jewelry.

The true beauty in lobe piercings is that they’re so pretty while also being so easy. There’s a reason they’re the first piercing kids usually get: It’s that they’re easy to heal. It’s hard to heal a lobe piercing wrong, but it is still possible. Once again, follow the cleaning instructions your piercer gives you.

It doesn’t have to stop with one lobe piercing. You can get your seconds or even your thirds. While each new piercing does come with the potential pain of actually having to get piercings, there isn’t much of an impact on your face or the image you present to others.

“The truth with piercings is they’re fun until you try to heal them. Healing a piercing is grueling and oftentimes painful. I’m not going to say whether or not you should get a piercing, but it is worth examining why you want to get one right now.”

3. Septum piercings

Leaving the world of the tame piercings is where the real fun begins. Permanently altering your body just because you can is always fun, right? Might as well go all out. 


A classic example of this is the septum piercing. A septum piercing isn’t crazy by any standard — after all, it is just a different part of your nose — but it has a much different connotation than an ear piercing or even a nostril piercing. 

A septum is a little more rebellious; it’s a little more out there. It would definitely freak out most parents of college students who very recently moved out. That’s the goal, isn’t it?

They might seem wild to older adults, but septum piercings are safe and generally a good piercing to get. They don’t require any more maintenance than a nostril piercing, and they’re less likely to get irritated because of where they’re located. They also don’t often leave a scar, at least not one that anyone can see. 

4. Miscellaneous wild-style piercings

Septum piercings are a solid choice for the “scare your parents” tactic of spending your early days of college life, but there are other options if that’s not cutting it for you. You could get that belly button piercing or embrace your punk rock side with an eyebrow or lip piercing.

The truth with piercings is they’re fun until you try to heal them. Healing a piercing is grueling and oftentimes painful. I’m not going to say whether or not you should get a piercing, but it is worth examining why you want to get one right now. Is it because you want it, or is it to scare your parents? Just food for thought.

If you do plan on getting a piercing, my one piece of advice is to never, ever get a helix piercing. They are the worst. Trust me on that one.

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