The Collegian needs more diversity

Shanel Hughes
Shanel Hughes

The Collegian. Our school paper. Students read this paper each day to get news about campus, sports, the community and opinions on various topics. But, whose point of view are we really getting? Is our student body accurately represented through the Collegian staff?

Yes — CSU is a predominantly white institution, and that is blatantly represented in the Collegian staff. With this being said, CSU also has a diverse population of students, ranging from race to sexuality.  I am not sure about some of the more hidden identities, but this diversity is not represented in our school paper.


There are many great things about diversity, we all know that. Schools and careers work towards being more diverse. As our world is ever changing, we will soon be entering the most diverse workforce in history. While this is exciting, its good to talk about what diversity is and why it is important.

Diversity, as simple as it can be put, is like looking at a picture with many different colors on it. Yes, the colors are different, but we need all of them to make the picture complete. Each color adds something unique to the picture, makes the picture beautiful and in the end, is what contributes to the picture as a masterpiece.  If any color in the picture were missing, we would notice. We would immediately point it out and ask why would someone put up a picture that was not finished? Why haven’t we done that with the Collegian?

Diversity is important because everybody brings something different to the table. Because of our different backgrounds and experiences in life, we all have a different point of views. These points of views can contribute to a better understanding of our world, the people in it and their thoughts and ideas. A better and well-rounded world is one where these ideas are thought of and implemented. Where we are educated about diversity so we don’t do things out of ignorance. These points of view help us see things and realize things we may not have seen or realized before. Looking at different points of views helps us become more educated about the world we live in and the people we live with everyday.

The reason I decided to come to CSU was because of the efforts I see put towards diversity. My residence hall and the different diversity offices on campus provided a place of comfort in my new home away from home. With several activities and events put on to try and educate about diversity, I was very happy with my choice in CSU. My education exposed me to efforts towards inclusivity and understanding all people, and I became a part of an inclusive and social justice community at CSU.

What broke me out of this bubble was an article published by the Collegian about diversity. Many may not remember (as I am a senior), but the article pretty much talked about the best way to learn about diversity was to date or have sexual relations with someone out of your race. There have also been other articles about affirmative action, gender roles, immigration and body size. While everyone is granted to their own opinion, I think it is smart to present it in an educated way and to present all the sides of the story. CSU is better than that, and even though we have had some issues with diversity, I still believe in CSU, The Collegian and its potential. If someone was to read our school paper before coming to CSU or working here, what would they really think about our school?

The reasons why these things are important and those articles were offensive are because, even though it is not always represented, CSU does have a diverse community on our campus. It is important that these voices are also heard and contribute to our community.  It is important for everyone to know that there are many people on this campus, who come from many places and have many experiences. Maybe it will make us think twice about what we say, write, and publish.

So here is my plea: come write for the Collegian (when they need writers). We need your voice. We need your point of view. We need your outlook on our campus. It is important that everyone’s voice is heard, and what better way to do so then thorough media. So think about it. And then do it.

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  • CSU has diversity within its campus and this not represented through The Collegian.

  • Diversity is important and should be thought about whenever we publish something.

  • The Collegian needs more diversity.