A call to attention, waking the world to the impending food crisis

Future Agricultural Leaders of America and the World: I would like to bring to your attention the future problem that you will be faced with and a solution that can be initiated at this present time.

The population on the world as we know it is growing at an exponential rate. The land and resources that are available for agriculture to utilize is decreasing. The turmoil of today’s economy has resulted in a raise in the cost of energy.


It seems as people become more concerned with their food product, agriculture takes a hit in every possible way. This is dangerous, because as agriculture becomes more limited, there is a decrease in the amount of food that can be produced.

Agriculture is a commodity that life cannot go on without. With the many challenges that are brought against agriculture, an informative and reliable source of agriculture communication should be available to consumers through scholarly sources via Facebook, Twitters and various blogs.

The “scholarly” is where you come in. As leaders and educated agriculturalists, it would benefit the agriculture industry to directly communicate to the consumers the accurate and reviewed information on agriculture through popular networking sites.

This would work for many reasons, notably because people today obtain more information and spend more time on Facebook, Twitter and blogs, making this area of communication a convenient and effective way to reach out to the user.

The popularity and trendiness of these sites is reason for the agriculture industry to utilize this communication technology and present a reliable and trustworthy source of information that can be easily and directly revealed to the consumer.

In addition, these networking sites give the consumer a direct way to voice their concerns or give advice on the food product or aspect of agricultural concern. Today, people are more aware and more attentive about the quality of their food product.

Presenting a way for consumers to easily obtain information that addresses their concerns can be a way that the agricultural community can reach out to their consumers and help answer their questions or receive feedback. Likewise, it is important to have the support of the consumer in order to fulfill the needs of the agricultural industry.

The last reason for this social networking intervention is that if more consumers are aware of the future food shortage, a more aware movement may begin to develop. This could result in consumers helping solve the problem by contributing ideas to finding innovations and technologies that could help initiate change and avoid the impending food shortage.

Customer awareness of the problem may also allow agriculturalists to utilize technologies that have in the past been turned down or discriminated against because of consumers’ opinions or fears based on lack of proper education.

I challenge you to set up a Facebook or Twitter account not as Jane Doe; college graduate, loves cupcakes, hates doing laundry, but as Jane Doe; agricultural graduate, animal science advocate, blogger of real and accurate agricultural topics.


Create a professional account that you can use as a way to post scholarly information about agriculture, bring the information right to the people. As a future leader, producer, farmer or rancher in agriculture, you should make it your duty to directly connect and communicate with the world the many aspects of agriculture.

I am a future leader of agriculture and I plan to be a reliable source to help convey to the world how important agriculture is to the continuation of life.

As a future leader of agriculture you should feel the responsibility to provide this life sustaining industry with a voice and help it to stand up to question. I understand some people may personally attack you or challenge your facts, but this is one way to ensure that the population can continue to eat and survive.