Former CSU student body president denied appeal for impeachment, decision stands

Haley Candelario

An internal committee denied an appeal to the impeachment decision filed by former Student Body President Josh Silva on Monday. 

The appeals committee, comprised of other student government associate justices, denied Silva’s appeal effort, upholding the decision of impeachment by the Associated Students of Colorado State University’s Senate in November. 


Former ASCSU student body President Josh Silva listens to the ASCSU senate discuss the impeachment process on Sept. 22, 2017. (Tony Villalobos May | Collegian)

In an email sent to Silva that was provided to the Collegian, ASCSU Associate Justice Madison Taylor wrote that the appeals committee, consisting of Taylor, Associate Justices McKenzie Marsh and Amelia Guglielmi, determined that the evidence submitted was not substantial enough to overturn the senate body’s decision to impeach.

Taylor said the committee could not share information about how the committee came to its decision to uphold the Senate’s decision since the situation regarded personnel issues.

“However, our job was just to look at the evidence, and we did, and that had us determine to reject his appeal,” Taylor said. “We just determined that the evidence didn’t support his claims, and that’s how we made our decision because that’s all we determine in the appeal committee, is whether the evidence you provide is enough to substantiate the appeal.”

According to ASCSU’s Code of Ethics and Internal Discipline Process, a member of ASCSU can appeal a decision if they feel the process was not followed, if new information is provided or if there are inappropriate or excessive sanctions. The committee, comprised of ASCSU judicial members who did not serve on the original hearing, have the option to reverse the decision, agree with the decision or send the case back for the original hearing to review the case again.

Silva filed an appeal in December before the start of CSU’s winter recess on the grounds of procedural errors by the Senate and the impeachment committee. He said that he did not favor the outcome, but that the hearing was cordial.

“The outcome’s disappointing (and) I just wonder when it’s going to end,” Silva said. “It’s such a black mark on the University as a whole right now, sadly.”

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