CSU Off-Campus Life boasts decrease in party-related tickets given to students

Matthew Bailey

With a decreased amount of party-related citations given to students, the Colorado State University Off-Campus Life office looks back at a successful semester with few citations issued and continues to remind students about safe partying tips.

According to Michael Katz, the associate director of Student Conduct Services at the Student Resolution Center, 136 students were cited for off-campus party, drug and alcohol-related offenses between Aug. 1 and Nov. 1, 2016.


In 2017, 82 students were cited for the same offenses in the same amount of time, a sharp drop from last year’s total.

Katz attributes this decline in party-related citations to efforts of improving the quality of life in neighborhoods surrounding CSU initiated by the Student Resolution Center, Off-Campus Life, CSU Police Department, Fort Collins Police Service and Neighborhood Services of the City of Fort Collins.

“As a result of these efforts, I have heard from law enforcement and long-term residents that students are more respectful and responsible with each year,” Katz said. “I believe that we are seeing a positive culture shift. Additionally, over the past two years Student Conduct Services has received more informal referrals than criminal citations from Fort Collins Police Services.”

According to Katz, most party-related citations are given to students in the Campus-West area.

“It seems as though the demographics of the Campus-West community have the greatest mix of students and long-term residents,” Katz said. “That mix of residents can create a significant clash of lifestyles.”

Party-related citations are often given to students whose parties are unregistered through Off-Campus Life and cause disturbances in neighborhoods, Katz said.

Students can avoid these citations by registering their parties through Off-Campus Life.

“Since the Party Registration Program began in April 2009 through Oct. 31, 2017, 97.7 percent of the total 4,262 registered parties were not issued a party-related ticket,” said Alexis Adler, the community liaison for Off-Campus Life, Colorado State University and Neighborhood Services of the City of Fort Collins.

Students who register their parties through Off-Campus Life have the opportunity to receive a warning if there is a noise violation, and they will be given a 20-minute window to voluntarily shut down their party.

Parties can be registered at the Off-Campus Life office located at room 274 in the Lory Student Center, at the newly opened Campus West Connections office located at 1335 W. Elizabeth St. or at the Neighborhood Services office located at 281 N. College Ave, and the party must be registered by 5:00 p.m. the Thursday before it takes place.


In addition to following Off-Campus Life’s Party Smart tips, students should follow other steps in order to avoid receiving a party-related citation, according to Adler.

“Some ways students can avoid party-related tickets include designating a sober host, getting to know your neighbors and exchanging phone numbers in advance of a party, avoiding posting about your party on social media, keeping the size of your party reasonable, and being cooperative towards neighbors, police and others who discuss any issues with your party,” Adler said.

If a party ultimately gets broken up by police, Katz advises students to cooperate with law enforcement, leave the party quietly through the front door and leave any alcoholic drinks behind.

“If you are hosting a party, remember to register your party and be considerate of the neighbors around you,” Adler said. “Whether you are attending a party or hosting a party, represent Rams proudly and understand that your actions have impact.”

Collegian news reporter Matt Bailey can be reached at news@collegian.com or on Twitter @matnes1999.