CSUPD seeks information about physical assaults

Abby Currie

The Colorado State University Police Department has asked the CSU community to share any information they might have about two physical assaults that happened this past weekend.

A man reported being attacked by five to six male suspects to the Colorado State University Police Department, according to an email the CSU’s Public Safety Team sent to students today.


According to the email, the assault happened on Saturday, Sept. 2 between 9 and 9:30 p.m. near the Shields St. underpass while the victim was riding his hover board. The assault was physical but not of a sexual nature.

CSU’s Public Safety Team reported that the male victim sustained minor injuries.

That same evening, a female was attacked. The female did not report the assault to CSUPD but reported to housing staff that she was was assaulted by three to six men near Moby Arena while riding her bike. The second assault was also not sexual in nature.

CSU’s Public Safety Team reported that the female was able to escape from the attackers. 

In an email to the Collegian, Ciaravola wrote that the report to housing reached CSUPD through a system in place to review incidents.

Students concerned about safety can view information and resources on CSU’s safety site.  CSU’s Public Safety Team advises students to call SafeWalk at 970-491-1155, report suspicious behavior by calling 911, be aware of surroundings, take care of their safety and the safety of others, and trust their instincts.

Anyone with any information about the attacks is encouraged to call  970-491-6425

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