Student group creates viral video pushing to renovate Clark

Stuart Smith

Rams for Representation, a Colorado State University student political organization centered around student-based issues, released a video on their Facebook page about the structural state of the Clark on Monday morning that quickly went viral. Now, it has tolled around 17,000 views.



Posted by Rams for Representation on Monday, February 13, 2017

The video starts off by describing CSU as a wonderful place, but quickly turns into the creators of the video criticizing the old look of the Clark building, and how it has been treated by students and the administration, falling into disrepair.

“Our main goal is to jump start a movement around the renovation of the Andrew G. Clark building,” said Marco Durazo, president of rams for representations and a double major in political science and economics.

Durazo hopes that the video will help to make the issue more well known specifically to the administration. He believes the issue is something that a lot of students talk about and are bothered by.

“But I don’t think that administration necessarily knows that, and I don’t think the people in charge of building these buildings knows that,” Durazo said. “If you talk to teachers around campus, they’ll tell you that there’s been talk about remodeling Clark for an extraordinarily long time, and yet nothing has happened.”

Durazo added that talks with students around campus have led the group to believe that it is an issue that affects everyone. Clark, the group believes, is one of the most important buildings for the school, and is essentially the spine of the campus.

“We feel like it symbolizes a lot of student issues on campus, and is something that can focus the student voice on campus,” Durazo said.

Compared to the other buildings Durazo said the Clark building looks bad.

“When you walk into the school, you see all these beautiful buildings,” Durazo said. “You see the LSC, you see brand-new Eddy, Morgan Library, the Behavioral Sciences Building.”

“And then you see Clark, and there’s graffiti all over it, and it’s falling apart. And that’s one of the first buildings that everyone goes into,” Durazo said.

Durazo said he believes the building’s weaknesses are sharply contrasted with its placement next to the newly renovated buildings and change is needed. But the group feels that the call for change has widely been ignored.


“We don’t think that the administration is going to put forth the money to actually renovate Clark,” Durazo said.

Vice President of Rams for Representation, Josh Silva, believes that the CSU campus should be held to a higher standard than it has been in the past for these issues.

“Colorado State University is one of the premier schools in our state, along with CU Boulder,” Silva said. “And because of that we should have the best facilities to show people, and we should never settle for less than the best quality.”

Rams for Representation is holding a public forum in the plaza for student organizations to voice their concerns about various issues around campus. The forum will be next Thursday, Feb. 23.