Stranded student and baby return to U.S. due to temporary restraining order

Julia Rentsch

Update, Feb. 5 — Isweiri arrived safely in Denver Sunday morning.

Hanan Isweiri, a doctoral candidate at Colorado State University, re-entered the U.S. with her infant son Saturday, Feb. 4, following a suspension of the ban on travel to the U.S. ordered by President Trump.


Hanan Isweiri arrived safely in Denver Sunday morning following the restraining order from a federal judge on Donald Trump’s travel ban by executive order. Isweiri was stranded in her home country with her baby when Trump issued the executive order.

The ban is known to have affected the ability of three CSU students to travel back to the campus from their locations abroad.

Isweiri will reunite with her husband and three other children after being detained in a Jordanian airport for 72 hours and subsequently deported back to Libya last weekend due to the executive order issued Jan. 27. The order disallowed travel to the U.S. by citizens and dual-citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries regardless of their visa status.

The ban was temporarily suspended Friday night after a federal judge ruled against the executive order in a case brought by two state attorneys general who sought to stop the order, CNN reported. 

According to a statement released by CSU International Student and Scholar Services, Isweiri is “looking forward to the reunion with her husband and three other children when she reaches Colorado in the coming days.”

The status of the second known student who was stranded abroad, Saddam Qahtan Waheed of Baghdad, Iraq, is currently unknown.

The third affected student abroad at the time of the executive order has not been identified by name. According to the statement from International Student and Scholar Services, he is a research scholar who was in his home country doing research at the time the ban was enacted.  He planned to return to the U.S. in March to rejoin his wife, who is also currently studying at CSU. It is currently unclear how the temporary suspension of the ban will affect his plans.

“We are in close touch with this family and attempting to find a way to reunite them here,” the statement said of the third student’s situation. 

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