Police report fewer Halloweekend calls than last year, still more than average

Karissa Miller

Halloween weekend, commonly referred to as Halloweekend, had fewer instances of 911 calls and disturbance calls than the same weekend last year, according to the Fort Collins Police Services.

The weekend is known for college parties, bar hopping and underage drinking, and historically, it has seen higher-than-average 911 call rates.


According to Fort Collins Police Services, the number of 911 calls made in 2016 is fewer than the number of calls that were made in 2015. In 2015 Halloween fell on a Saturday, allowing for more people to go out drinking and partying.

This year, there were 49 disturbance calls and 12 noise complaints. However, disturbance calls were down from Halloween weekend of 2015, when there were 59 disturbance calls. Noise complaints were slightly up this year, with only eight noise complaint calls during the same weekend last year.

Fort Collins police officers talk to a couple of Colorado State University students on Monday, October 31st. Fort Collins police were out in large numbers over the holiday weekend. (Forrest Czarnecki | Collegian)


According to the Colorado State University Police Department, over Halloween weekend there were 16 CSU substance abuse tickets issued. Substance abuse violation tickets are handled internally so the person does not go through the court system and have it on their permanent criminal history record.

In 2015 over the course of Halloween weekend, there was a total of 119 incidents over the course of Halloween weekend compared with the 34 total incidents that occurred over the course of the weekend prior to Halloween in 2016.

Many factors are taken into consideration when thinking about the differences in numbers in the two years, specifically in the day of the week that Halloween falls on.

CSU senior Alana Arias talks about how in college many students look forward to going out, and how many students did not go out on the Monday of Halloween because it was not on a weekend like last year.

Probably, Monday people are usually busy with work or school, so I think that they just had the weekend to go out which I don’t see much of a difference,” Arias said. “If Halloween was on a Friday or Saturday people would be going out regardless.”

Arias idea seemed to be reflected in the number of contacts that the Fort Collins Police Services had this year.

Over the course of Halloween weekend this year, Fort Collins Police Services received 112 calls for noise, disturbance or suspicious incidents. In 2015 the Fort Collins Police Services received 138 calls. One of the major differences being that Halloween was over a weekend in 2015 rather than being on a Monday in 2016 according to the Fort Collins Police Services.


Through the Office of Off-Campus Life, CSU students have the opportunity to register parties that they are hosting.

According to the Office of Off-Campus Life, if you register your Friday or Saturday night party with Off-Campus Life, you will receive a 20 minute warning from Dispatch prior to police being sent to the site. Students can register their party by coming to the Off-Campus Life office in LSC West.

More information on registering a party and how to be safe about parties can be found on the Office of Off-Campus Life website.

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