Roastin’ with Rick: MKLA indica-hybrid

Rick Cookson

Disclaimer: Under Colorado law, the use of marijuana is restricted to those aged 21 and older or those with a valid medical marijuana license. Colorado State University does not allow the possession or consumption of marijuana, recreational or medical, anywhere on campus. The Collegian does not condone underage consumption of marijuana.


Edited by Neall Denman and Rick Cookson

After sleeping off the Purple Kush dabs from my last review, I decided to pick up some flower this week and once again indulge in some good indica. This week’s review features the indica-dominant hybrid strain, MKLA from Organic Alternatives, with a THC content of 21.79 percent.

The buds are quite slender, but they produce a good amount of foliage once they’re ground up. They’re thick outer coat of keef gives them the appearance of being light green (almost like a spider-web is around it), but much of the greenery holds a darker hue with light orange and yellow hairs poking out here and there.

Surprisingly, I was able to grind up the buds by hand without any trouble, and my fingers were only slightly sticky after the job was done.

Now, I’ve smelt a lot of different kinds of marijuana and the MKLA hybrid is one of the most interesting I’ve had the pleasure of sniffing. It has a sweet earthy scent, with these random hints of mint and possibly almonds. I don’t know — it’s a hard aroma to place my finger on, but it’s definitely appealing nonetheless.

I was able to smoke the MKLA out of Kind Creations‘ 31-arm K-unit — with 12 arms inside and 19 outside, it’s not only a bubbler, but it can also be used as a an ash-catcher. This piece is what I would call the cream of the crop — not only does it make every hit feel like a fresh breath of air (in the spring, mind you), but it allows for big hits without much effort. Definitely a one of a kind piece.

Anyhow, the flavor of MKLA is not as surprising as the smell, but it’s easily just as pleasant. The minty smell I mentioned was pretty prevalent in the flavor, but it didn’t come off too strong. And although I didn’t taste an almond flavor exactly, I did notice some sort of nutty tinge. 

It wasn’t the harshest marijuana strain to smoke, but I will admit that after trying to hold in my coughs, the irritation on my throat eventually had me hacking like an old cigarette-smoker.

For an indica-dominant strain, MKLA gave me a surprisingly active buzz in combination with a physically relieving body-high. Not only was I relaxed and less tense after smoking, but I was able to get up, move around, participate in some activities and even have coherent conversations and thought processes. A pretty uplifting and very creative-driven sativa high in combination with the strong physical and cerebral effects of an indica high. A very well-balanced hybrid — I will no doubt be going back for more.

Overall, considering the vast amount of charming characteristics, I’m going to have to give Organic Alternatives’ MKLA hybrid 9.5 leaves out of 10, making it one of my favorite and highest ranking strains of all.


That wraps up another Roastin’ with Rick and once again, thanks for reading. Look for my next review Oct. 22. 

This column is sponsored by Kind Creations.

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