‘Disruptive and potentially dangerous’ individual on campus

Lawrence Lam

Christopher Plum (Photo credit: CSU Public Safety Team)

Colorado State University’s Police Department issued an alert in an email sent late Wednesday that a “disruptive and potentially dangerous individual” was contacted by officers several times in the past few days.

Christopher Plum, who is approximately 180 pounds and 5 feet 6 inches with blond hair, hazel eyes and a reddish-blonde beard, was charged with harassment and trespassing by CSUPD due to his behavior on campus and is banned from campus property through an exclusionary order. He has recently violated this order, according to an email sent by CSU’s Public Safety Team.


CSUPD advises anyone who sees him on the main, south or foothills campus to contact them at 970-491-6425 or call 911 about his location. They advise anyone who sees him to not contact or approach him.

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