Past Photos: Prom dress rugby

Ryan Schmidt and Lucy Morantz

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Photo Director Anna von Pechmann and Photo Editor Lucy Morantz would like to highlight photo galleries throughout July that were not digitally published independently during the 2019-20 academic year. With the new media tab, we want to ensure that every Collegian photographer’s work is represented on the website. The series “Past Photos” will be expanded every Tuesday and Thursday for the next four weeks. 


On Nov. 8, 2019, Collegian photographers Lucy Morantz and Ryan Schmidt reported on the Colorado State University women’s rugby team getting together to play “prom dress rugby.” This is a tradition the team does annually to celebrate the end of the season, where the whole team puts on prom dresses and plays a friendly game of rugby. “It’s just a good team bonding experience to have for us to just goof around and have fun all together,” CSU rugby player Emily McGlone said. 

Here are Morantz and Schmidt’s photos from the game:

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Lucy Morantz and Ryan Schmidt can be reached at or on Twitter @CSUCollegian.