Editor’s pick: Top 30 photos, second half of spring 2020

Anna von

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The state of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on Northern Colorado has evolved since Colorado State University transitioned to online classes on March 25. Larimer County has seen multiple forms of social distancing guidelines, including stay-at-home orders, safer-at-home orders and mask-wearing mandates. 


Under stay-at-home orders, journalists are considered essential workers. The Rocky Mountain Collegian photographers have been documenting the pandemic from inside and outside the safety of their homes, minimizing exposure whenever possible. 

This gallery celebrates The Collegian photo desk’s resilience in continuing to produce content since spring break despite facing unprecedented challenges. Outgoing Photo Director Matt Tackett, Photo Editor Anna von Pechmann and Assistant Photo Editor Luke Bourland would like to thank the photographers for continuing to offer their time, energy and talent to The Rocky Mountain Collegian. If you haven’t seen the top 30 photos from the first half of the spring semester, click here

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  • Transfort buses sit at the University Transit Center on April 11, 2020. The Horn will have a major route detour starting on March 16. (Devin Cornelius | The Collegian)

    Collegian | Devin Cornelius

  • On March 11, Colorado State University decided to extend spring break until March 24 and move classes online until April 10, when the decision would be reevaluated, due to concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. (Anna von Pechmann | The Collegian)

  • Cottonwood Creek Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and most parks in the state have closed their playgrounds and placed signs reminding people to keep their space. (Addie Kuettner | The Collegian)

  • After the announcement that the University of Colorado Boulder would be switching all its classes to online for the rest of the semester, due to the World Health Organization declaring the outbreak of COVID-19 a pandemic, Colorado State University prepared to be the next closure. (Photo Illustration by Matt Tackett | The Collegian)

  • A woman fills a car with gas while wearing nitrile gloves to avoid spreading or contracting COVID-19. (Lucy Morantz | The Collegian)

  • Man wears a DIY mask made from an old T-shirt. (Photo illustration by Anna von Pechmann | The Collegian)

  • Man reaches for hand sanitizer. (Photo illustration by Addie Kuettner | The Collegian)

  • UPS provider Jesse Weber makes the daily route, delivering packages to people and businesses in Downtown Fort Collins. Weber received gloves after delivering to a dentist and received the mask from a woodworker. “I’m bringing people toilet paper, antibacterial wipes, dog food, Comcast, making it happen,” Weber said. “Because, you know, a lot of people can’t leave their house.” (Brooke Buchan | The Collegian)

    Collegian | Brooke Buchan 2019

  • The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, or the CARES Act, is a significant stimulus package passed to help people and businesses during the current pandemic. (Ryan Schmidt | The Collegian)

  • City of Fort Collins Parks and Maintenance worker Emily Bredehoeft sanitizes the Downtown Fort Collins handrails, trash cans, chairs and tables. Bredehoeft said not much has changed in their routine except upping the frequency of their cleaning. “Usually this takes place in the morning around 5 a.m., so no one sees us, but we are coming out and doing this about two, three times a day now,” Bredehoeft said. (Brooke Buchan | The Collegian)

    Collegian | Brooke Buchan 2019

  • Mary McGregor stands in front of a window on the upstairs floor of her house April 12. She has been self-quarantining and following stay-at-home orders issued by Adams County and the state of Colorado amid the COVID-19 pandemic. (Megan McGregor | The Collegian)

  • Colorado State University animal science major and freshman Dixie Posey (left), Jennifer Posey-Williams (right) and Ivan Williams (center) load a truck while moving Posey out of Academic Village March 25. Posey is concerned about doing work from her parents’ home in Harvey, North Dakota, because “going back home, there’s different kinds of distractions.” (Matt Tackett | The Collegian)

  • Snow settles on a tree, shining bright in a silhouette under the spring sun. (Pratyoosh Kashyap | The Collegian)

  • Colorado State University biomedical sciences major and freshman Chaia Geltser (right) is helped by her mother, Anna Geltser (left), and sister, Ettie Geltser (center), to load their car after moving out of Ingersoll Hall March 25. “It probably is for the best, but it’s tough for sure,” Geltser said. “I think that CSU organized it really well though.” (Matt Tackett | The Collegian)

  • It may not be possible to go out to your favorite Italian restaurant right now but you can always make your own at home. (Skyler Pradhan | The Collegian)

  • A local Portland, Oregon, elementary school displays their final reader board message of the year while masked parent volunteers in the background utilize the parking lot for safe food distribution to provide for families in need April 14. (Alyssa Uhl | The Collegian )

  • Executive Shine shoe shiner Oscar Martinez waits for customers at Denver International Airport March 18. “We’re slow,” Martinez said. “The only customers I’ve had today were actually airport employees. That’s it. And one passenger. … Most of our customers are business travelers, and last week, a lot of our business travelers told us that their employers told them that that was their last week flying. No more flying out for business until further notice.” (Anna von Pechmann | The Collegian)

  • A large stuffed bear sits in the window of a home in a Portland, Oregon, neighborhood, joining the national “Bear Hunt” movement designed to entertain families and children April 10. (Alyssa Uhl | The Collegian)

  • Greg Barbosa does flutter kicks while holding weights in the living room of his Fort Collins home April 17. (Ian Fuster | The Collegian)

  • Stephanie Erickson rests after running up and down the stairs outside of her apartment building. (Ian Fuster | The Collegian)

  • No one was left at home, including the pets, for the surprise birthday car parade for Natalie Day on April 23. (Alyssa Uhl | The Collegian)

  • Samuel (left) and Wyatt (right) play on a seesaw at City Park on March 8. The boys are both 8 years old and visit the park weekly as the weather gets warmer. Their favorite parts of the park are a large replica cannon and also exploring and making new friends. “Sometimes I go to the pond and I feed the ducks,” Wyatt said. “It’s a great community here.” (Megan McGregor | The Collegian)

  • The U.S. Capitol parking lot sits with many empty spots due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused the building to be closed to the public for the rest of April, March 24. (Anna von Pechmann | The Collegian)

  • The United States Air Force Thunderbirds fly over Loveland, Colorado, as part of a Front Range flyover to salute health care workers responding to COVID-19 April 18. The flight path led the Thunderbirds over many hospitals from Fort Collins, Colorado, to Pueblo, Colorado, and encouraged viewers to watch from the safety of their homes. (Matt Tackett | The Collegian)

  • Patrick Saylor grabs a hold while projecting a boulder called Boss Hog rated v10 at Catoctin Mountain Park in Thurmont, Maryland, March 21. The climbers at this location, which did not exceed 10 people, avoided standing near each other and used wipes to clean their hands. (Anna von Pechmann | The Collegian)

  • Hikers take a rest at the keyhole on Devil’s Backbone Trail in Loveland, Colorado, March 16, 2020. (Anna von Pechmann | The Collegian)

  • A pair of Cooper’s hawks on May 21, 2019. Cooper’s hawks and the similar sharp-shinned hawks are keen hunters. This pair was feeding on a freshly caught rabbit. (Ryan Schmidt | The Collegian)

  • The Cat Fence at the corner of East Mulberry Street and College Avenue. (Devin Cornelius | The Collegian)

    Collegian | Devin Cornelius

  • Loveland, Colorado, resident Lloyd Drew hikes toward the Devil’s Backbone trailhead in Loveland March 16. Drew moved from Indiana to Colorado four years ago, and his favorite trail is Bobcat Ridge Natural Area, Devil’s Backbone being his second favorite. “I think a lot more people are hiking at Devil’s Backbone today than usual, but I think it is partly because schools are closed because of spring break and the virus,” Drew said. “I think hiking is a good thing for children to do now to help prevent spread of the virus because they are outdoors instead of indoors with a group of people.” (Anna von Pechmann | The Collegian)

  • Following instructions on the Centers for Disease Control’s website, a reusable cloth face mask can be made at home from a bandanna, a coffee filter, two hair ties and a pair of scissors. Pets do not need masks to prevent COVID-19, as it is rare for them to catch it. (Matt Tackett | The Collegian)

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Matt Tackett, Anna von Pechmann and Luke Bourland can be reached at photo@collegian.com or on Twitter @CSUCollegian