Because I Got High: On repeat and too many dabs

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Collegian | Brian Peña

Guest Author

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On repeat

One time I got really stoned and listened to “Invincible” by Omar Apollo on repeat for like three hours. Absolutely mesmerizing.


Too many dabs

The first time I ever tried wax, I decided to show off in front of my friends and took four dabs. I soon realized that was a mistake. As I walked around the house, I had visions of exactly how every object I touched was made. It was very similar to the meme of math equations flying around a confused man’s head. Regardless, I felt I was the smartest person in the room and had to let my friends know. I started singing the Bill Nye introduction song while dancing around, flipping off my friends since I unlocked a new level of intelligence. My friends were pretty sick of me by the end of the night, so I didn’t touch wax for a while after that.

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