5 ways to handle family during the holidays

Emily Pisqui

Once the heat of finals week cools down, a new challenge awaits students. For many, it’s time to go back home to deal with what can be another stressful thing: family.

Dealing with family during the holidays can be many things: fun, sentimental, heartfelt — but it can also be very stressful, especially when most of us aren’t used to being around our families constantly. Coming home for an entire month after being independent and living the crazy college life for an entire semester is a transition no one really brings up.


Hopefully, these five tips can take away the stress and awkwardness. 

1.Be the listener

After a week of exams, sometimes all you want is to unload your baggage onto your family; however, it might help to ask them how they are doing first. Things have changed at home since you left — make sure you catch up on what has been going on in your hometown. Plus, this will give you some time to talk about your college experiences and what you have done this past semester. 

2. Stay in touch with college friends

Leaning on your friends who are also dealing with this adjustment for support is very helpful. Not seeing them every day doesn’t mean you’re completely ignoring them. Also, remember you’ll be going back to campus with them soon. Staying connected is not hard, so keep in touch, and if they are in the same state as you, meet up.

3. Rearrange your room to make it more you

Coming home into a room that doesn’t feel like yours is weird enough. Redecorate and add your personal touch to change the room. Make sure you don’t forget to unpack your things if you are staying a while.

4. Cruise around your hometown

Being enclosed with your family and staying inside all day can lead to you feeling overwhelmed. Get out of the house when your siblings are being annoying or when your mom keeps telling you to do your chores. Drive around alone or with your favorite sibling or cousin, put on some good music and get some fresh air.

5. Talk to your family

It can feel annoying or repetitive telling everyone about your life, but every family member would love to hear what you are doing and will secretly brag about you to their coworkers.

Remember to enjoy the time at home or being with people you love. Even though some days at home will feel long, the new semester will be here before you know it.

Emily Pisqui can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com or via Twitter @emilypisq15.