Larimer County Fair wraps up summer festivities

Elena Waldman

Two people walking on stilts.
Hosted from Aug. 2-6, the Larimer County Fair brought in all sorts of eccentric performers. (Elena Waldman | The Collegian)

The annual and much-anticipated Larimer County Fair returned Aug. 2-6, bringing in lots of fun, food and friendly competition for families and all kinds of locals to enjoy. Held at The Ranch, the Larimer County Event Complex, the fair featured everything from amusement park rides to a free petting zoo. 

The fair was divided into an indoor and outdoor portion, with local merchants and businesses setting up shop in both areas to promote products, as well as talk with the community. In addition to the indoor booths, attendees were encouraged to observe entertaining contests such as the cake baking and wood making competitions. Outside, there was live music, carnival games and rides, food trucks and pony rides. 


Joseph Henderson set up a free petting zoo, on behalf of Pony Express Pony Rides and Petting Zoo, for children and families to pet baby goats, ponies and donkeys. He said the Larimer County Fair is different than most Colorado fairs because of its country-style roots. Henderson has been coming to the Larimer County Fair for nearly eight years and is pleasantly satisfied by the turnout each year. 

“The Ranch wants to provide a free petting zoo so everybody can come in,” Henderson said. “It (the Larimer County Fair) definitely has more of a down-home feel.” 

Many local businesses were also represented at the fair. JAX, which has two locations in Fort Collins, consolidated some of their items from both their outdoor and home locations to appeal to the Larimer County Fair crowd. 

“We’re here sponsoring some of the musicians and showcasing some of the products we sell,” said Bella Suhr, an employee at JAX. “We kind of have both sides of the company’s things, but tonight we mainly have more western, work-wear oriented things because that’s the audience that’s here. It’s a really good store to go to for brand-name things.” 

The fair was packed with interesting entertainers and eccentric services. Tiffany and Annie John came to read people’s tarot on behalf of their traveling psychic business, Psychic Moon Goddess. The two said that although the responses to tarot readings can be met with skepticism, they have received a generally positive response from people at the Larimer County Fair. 

(The Larimer County Fair) definitely has more of a down-home feel.”-Joseph Henderson, employee for Pony Express Pony Rides and Petting Zoo.

“We get some spiritual people, some not so nice people, then we get some really positive energy people,” Annie John said. 

Without businesses, organizations, performers and volunteers coming together, the Larimer County Fair wouldn’t be possible. This year, the turnout was especially good, and the Larimer County Fair website notes that 14 businesses, 16 government associated groups, nine nonprofit organizations and over 30 volunteers participated. Of course, the fair will return again next year, but it did serve as a great way to wrap up this summer’s festivities. 

For those who missed out on the fair and are interested in visiting The Ranch, more events, such as the High Plains Paint Horse Show and the Hall and Hall auctions, can be found on The Ranch events website. 

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