Emo Nite throws it back at the Aggie this Halloween

Elena Waldman

It may time to dig out those low-waisted jeans and Juicy Couture jumpsuits from your parents’ garage, because the Aggie Theatre is throwing it back with some 2000s classics this Halloween. 

Emo Nite is coming to the Aggie Oct. 31, featuring 3OH!3 and special guest Lil Aaron. The show will start at 8 p.m. and will be the first to kick off 3OH!3’s upcoming tour, “THE WANT House Party” tour. 


“The WANT House Party” tour will celebrate the 10 year anniversary of 3OH!3’s memorable album “WANT,” released in 2008, which is still available on Spotify and iTunes. The album featured the infamous, lively electronic-pop hits “DONTTRUSTME” and “STARSTRUKK,” and the record charted on Billboard 200 but received mixed reviews.

Tickets for Emo Nite at the Aggie can be found at www.aggietheater.com.

3OH!3, the Colorado-based duo consisting of Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte, will be traveling all across the U.S. and will end the tour in Denver Dec. 7. Musical guest Lil Aaron will join, showcasing songs from his 2018 album “ROCK$STAR FAMOU$” that combines trap and rock musical elements.

Emo Nite is an event group that caters to the ever-present nostalgic attitude of millennials by throwing concerts and parties with artists from the 1990s to the 2000s. Created by Morgan Freed, Babs Szabo and T.J. Petracca, the collective aims to bring back recognition of the music that contributed many people’s formative years. Emo Nite has worked with a diverse range of musicians that defined the 2000s era, from pop-punk band Sum-41 to pop-sensation Demi Lovato.

Those looking to join the throwback fest can find tickets and more information on 3OH!3’s website. More information on Emo Nite can be found at emonite.com.

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