Kind Creations continues legacy of quality glassware in Fort Collins

Walker Discoe

Inside Kind Creations, a shimmering display of glass, LED lights and neon signs dazzles the eye.

man is glassblowing
Glassblowing artist, Sky Perry blows air into a piece of glass to create a bubble as he creates a honeycomb designed bubble cap for a dab at Kind Creations. Perry is a self-taught glassblower for 18years. “Something I love about this job is seeing the smile on peoples face when they pick up a piece of glass. There’s no other feeling like that,” Perry said. (Matt Begeman | Collegian)

Every useable inch of the walls are massive glass cases filled with intricately blown bongs, pipes, glassware and art pieces. In fact, some of the items blur the line between marijuana accessory and artwork, like the useable Jason Vorhees bong with a slick black leather jacket and contrasted white and red hockey mask.


Responsible for some of the pieces are in-house artists Sky Perry and Brandon Finke. Their backroom at Kind Creations has a massive window where customers can look at the heating, extruding, molding and blowing of glass almost all day long. Their workshop lives in a state of chaotic order, the worktable littered with glass rods, cones, broken pieces and drops of once-molten glass, gas torches hissing at 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit and kilns blazing in the corner. Masters of their craft, Perry has been blowing glass for 18 years, while Finke has been with Kind Creations since their beginning in 2003.

“I’ve been here for quite some time,” said Finke. “We work back here blowing glass and working on the lathe and with the kilns almost every day.”

Kind Creations also takes custom orders, manufacturing almost any piece imaginable for their customers.

“It can be anything from a small little one-hitter to a really nice $200-$300 piece,” said Perry. “There are so many different techniques, and so many different styles and processes that you can incorporate into it that it can take anywhere from 20 minutes or up to seven, eight days maybe.”

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The shop’s glass, sourced from companies in Denver who manufacture for scientific purposes such as beakers and lab equipment, ensures quality and durability. However, in the changing market, the added cost that comes with quality can be enough to deter some from making such a big purchase.

“There are still are people that come for just [quality],” said Finke. “Nowadays, a lot of kids just price shop for whatever’s cheapest, because it’s just out in front of you. You can get a bong at the gas station, you can get a bong on Amazon Prime, two days right to your door.”

two men in a glassblowing studio
Glassblowing artist, Sky Perry works alongside a fellow glassblower at Kind Creations. (Matt Begeman | Collegian)

The market didn’t always have a tendency for cheapness, and Finke can remember a time when quality was a big factor when customers came to Kind Creations.

“In our early days, we were the only place you could get a nice piece made right here in the shop,” Finke said. “There are a lot of local glassblowers now in Fort Collins and a lot of smoke shops.”

Perry and Finke both agreed that a saturation of the market was to blame for the decline in demand for high-quality glass pieces. For a prospective buyer, the lower prices are certainly enticing. But the passion and sheer amount of hard work that goes into a Kind Creations piece truly set it apart from other options on the market.

“This locally made product, the fact we’ve been here so long with a great product, I think we’ve proven ourselves,” Finke said. “We strive to have the best prices on products that we can as well, I guarantee we can beat other stores prices, their quality, hands down.”


Spencer Baatsen, an employee working the counter outside the back room, agrees with the glassblowers.

“We do have the best prices and the best product,” Baatsen said. “We’ve got all the things you would want in a store. And people come in here for the atmosphere, people come here and feel relaxed and welcome, and we’re always here to help people.”

Glassblowing artist, Sky Perry heats up and spins glass to create a honeycomb designed bubble cap for a dab at Kind Creations. Perry is a self-taught glassblower for the past 17 years. “Something I love about this job is seeing the smile on peoples face when they pick up a piece of glass. There’s no other feeling like that. (Matt Begeman | Collegian)

The glassblowers at Kind Creations work every day to create beautiful and intricate pieces, putting real passion and decades of expertise into each piece they make.

“We definitely care about our customers,” Brandon said. “We want everyone who comes in here to find something they like, and have a good time.”

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