Fort Collins band Glass Cases gears up for debut EP release

Walker Discoe

Glass Cases breaks into the Fort Collins music scene

The three members of alt-indie band Glass Cases are busy working hard to prove themselves as musicians, including the release of a new EP.


So far, Austin Seifert, Alex Van Keulen and Cameron Green have released nearly 20 songs, built a respectable fanbase, and have played in multiple shows around northern Colorado. Glass Cases has been working on their new EP, a reworking of previous songs and projects all summer long and they are getting ready for the release.

“We decided to take down all our songs, 16 songs that we had recorded, and we chose six of them to make into this EP,” Seifert said. “We started recording them throughout the summer while playing live. We focused strictly on recording and making sure all the songs are just absolutely perfect. So we just finished them, it just got mastered, and now we’re uploading them to Spotify.”

Glass Cases will be performing their debut EP “Where Is Foreword” for the first time Oct. 13 at the Downtown Artery, their music is also available online on Spotify.

The project, titled “Where Is Foreword,” is intended to be an introduction to a much larger work.

“It’s a play on words, really,” Van Keulen said. “It’s essential that this is like an introduction to us as a band. Because we know for a fact we already have other songs…so this isn’t going to be just like a one and done kind of thing.”

“There’s a common theme that is running through our music,” said Green, drummer and newest member of the band. “We’re talking about trying to sort through different kind of aspects of life, between school and work and trying to cross into the next step, and kind of sitting in the unknown with that and trying to figure out what the next step is, even if you don’t know what that is.”

When it came to choosing what to include on their new EP, Glass Cases tried to stick to the common theme the band wanted to convey.

“We wanted to do the (songs) that are kind of similar in sound,” Green said. “Ones that match our sound that we’ve come too. That 16-song album had a lot of genres that were recorded, so we picked the ones we felt were the most cohesive.”

The upcoming show debuting their EP has the band excited and ready to share their music with the world.

“Hopefully this show is going to be pretty big,” Seifert said. “We really like the venue we’re playing at. We’ve played with the Artery before… (and) we think it’s about the right size. We’ve been putting a lot of effort into making sure this is the big show that people come too.”

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