All Sales Vinyl spins into Old Town music scene

Walker Discoe

Mike Fogerty keeps watch over his new vinyl story, All Sales Vinyl in Old Town Fort Collins. All Sales Vinyl offers a wide variety of albums from rock to punk. (Walker Discoe | Collegian)

Seated inside the old Bisetti’s building in downtown Fort Collins, All Sales Vinyl is a young and upcoming buy-and-sell record store. The new business was founded by Mike Fogerty, a longtime member of the record industry and owner of several other past record stores.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time,” Mike Fogerty said. “I’ve been collecting music since I was in high school and when I was up here for college… This was the same kinda stuff that was going on back then.”


Mike Fogerty has been in business for less than two weeks and has yet to begin purchasing music from customers. While inventory is limited, the store already boasts some impressive artists and albums. Lining the walls above shelves of vinyl sits titles such as Quiet Riot, Fleetwood Mac, original pressings of AC/DC, as well as more contemporary works like Migos and Ed Shereen. To compliment a blooming vinyl selection, the store offers a less robust CD collection as well.

“We’ll be expanding our collection as we go,” Mike Fogerty said. “Most of this is my collection. All the new stuff we bought in ahead of time, we bought what we knew would sell, and then I wanted to get in and see what the neighborhood really wanted.” 

“It’s not just about finding the music you want to listen to…it’s a visual as well as an auditory journey, and we like making it an exciting process.” Sean Fogerty, All Sales Vinyl owner

All Sales Vinyl also stocks music accessories and apparel, ranging from stickers, light musical equipment, T-shirts and small souvenirs.

“People can get music. Everyone has access to music now,” Sean Fogerty, Mike Fogerty’s son and business partner, said. “People who really enjoy music, enjoy a lot more than just listening to music. So we’re trying to cater to that too, it’s not just about finding the music you want to listen to…it’s a visual as well as an auditory journey, and we like making it an exciting process.”

All Sales Vinyl sells all genres of records, from classic rock, to funk, to modern pop. (AJ Frankson | Collegian)

Finding a robust and complete musical experience comes at a price, especially for mediums like vinyl. At All Sales Vinyl, the owners pride themselves on keeping prices reasonable and obtainable.

“We want people to be able to afford this stuff,” Sean Fogerty said. “With our records, we price them very reasonably, sometimes I think we might be a little too reasonable.”

With most vinyl prices ranging from $15 to $25, and accessories, instruments and appeal set a price not typical for record stores, All Sales Vinyl knows its customer base and is concerned with more than just profit.

While time goes on and business continues to expand, All Sales Vinyl could become a significant business helping to make up downtown Fort Collins.

Collegian reporter Walker Discoe can be reached at or on Twitter @walkerdiscoe.