4/20 foods for toker tummies

Miranda Moses

There is some science behind it that no one has been able to clearly explain to me, but we know weed makes a lot of people aggressively hungry.

This 4/20, don’t get caught in infinitely long Cheba Hut line or stuck waiting four hours for a Krazy Karl’s pizza..or do, because Cheba Hut is phenomenal and Krazy Karl’s cream cheese pizza has the ability to get you through some hard times. But, for those who know that their 4/20 plans will make their will to leave the house or wait on food to be delivered absolute zero, here are some easy munchies to make for when you can’t really open your eyes and you want to talk about space for six hours:


Quesadilla burger
Here’s the concept: quesadillas instead of burger buns. With this version of an American classic, you get double the cheese and the ability to dip the meal in sour cream while still getting to eat a burger. Quesadillas are cheap and easy to make, and after your burger you can eat the whole bag of tortillas if your stoner heart desires. 

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Velveeta grilled cheese
Word on the street is that this recipe is bomb. While Kraft cheese slices are usually the staple grilled cheese go-to, do not be afraid to get fancy with another questionably rubbery cheese, since it is a holiday after all. I would perhaps gauge your motor functions before attempting to make this meal, though, and suggest that expert tokers take one for the team and volunteer to create these cheesy snacks that have a high likelihood of falling apart mid-cook for your friends who ate edibles and now can’t feel their faces. 

Crumbling Nacho Cheese Doritos into Easy Mac
Trust me.

Stuffing anything into a Pillsbury croissant 
If you are a carb queen like me you find yourself being yelled at by your great Aunt every Thanksgiving for eating all the Pillsbury croissants literally as they come out of the oven. Try making your own little custom pastries. These little puffy baked clouds can hold essentially anything and be delicious. Be really basic and roll cheese and pepperonis inside of them and make little pizzas, or make some with Nutella and peanut butter and dip them in frosting. You could literally bake a Cosmic Brownie inside of one. The possibilities are endless, but be careful opening them because the pop can be startling when your feeling extra delicate sensory-wise.

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Toaster Strudel Sandwiches
Toaster Strudels are God’s gift to this Earth, aimed at giving us solace among so much hatred and war. These warm snacks are perfect on any hazy day, but to truly elevate them for the holiday, try making two and putting ice cream in between them to make an unforgettable sandwich that you’ll think about for weeks afterwards. Drizzle the white Toaster Strudel icing on the top of your sandwich, serve hot and try to not to cry.

Hot Cheetos and dip
You need to mix Pace Picante sauce and cream cheese together and then dip Hot Cheetos into it and love yourself because you deserve it. 

Collegian reporter Miranda Moses can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com or on Twitter @mirandasrad.