Lory Student Center offices throw down with decorations

Mack Beaulieu

Usually collaborative, the Lory Student Center offices went head to head this week. 

An image of The Carreer Center fullydecorated for homecoming weekend
Decorations illuminate The Carreer Center at the LSC For homecoming weekend. The office has set up paper cut outs of Cam, our mascot, streamers and the words “Go Rams” on the window. (Brandon Mendoza | Collegian)

In honor of homecoming, the offices squared off in a friendly competition of spirit with the LSC Decor Contest. 


“Everyone that works on campus…I think we exhibit CSU pride every single day, but its fun to have a week where its a competition,” said senior Alexis Svenson who works in the Campus Activities office.

The winners were chosen by a random staff of LSC employees. Here’s how it played out.

First place went to the Event Planning office who decorated with a Home Depot theme. The display showed a home under construction, which was fitting because the office itself is under renovation. 

“We wanted to be creative because in the past few years we haven’t won,” said sophomore Brittney Bossow. “Our group was very excited about this and very competitive.”

Go Rams is spelled out in the Student Career Center
“Go Rams” is one of the many decorations in The Career Center in the basement of the Lory Student Center. Here the staff has prepared for this weekend’s celebrations and Football game against Nevada. (Brandon Mendoza | Collegian)

Color match paint splotches and cans lined the main desk and windows, and there was caution tape in the main entrance. The office served hot cider and cookies on the day of the judging. 

The Career Center, which placed second, took a more traditional approach and tried to incorporate not only elements of CSU but Fort Collins as well. Their display included the familiar back drop of Fort Collins with Horsetooth and the Aggie A. There was also a drawing of CSU President Tony Frank on their door.

“I thought that we maybe should have gotten first,” said senior Maireny Medina. 

Medina added that it’s okay because she had a lot of fun, but other offices expressed distain as well. 

“I’m being a salty bitch today,” joked junior Milena Castaneda.

Castaneda and the Native American Cultural Center were trying to top last year’s second place finish and had one of the more unique takes on the home theme.


The office tried to make it seem as though you were stepping into a home. They

Three Images framed on easels in front of ASCSU office
Images are showcased in front of the ASCSU office in the LSC Thursday, Oct. 12 in preparation for our homecoming game. This weekend,CSU is playing Nevada at the new stadium. (Brandon Mendoza | Collegian)

featured a welcome mat as well hanging framed photos of students who frequent the office as children. To top it off was an immaculate display of streamers and balloons.

While certain offices, like the SLICE and Campus Activities office, certainly have grounds to claim they should’ve been on the short list of winners; one campus activities worker still felt like a winner for being at CSU.

“We all win,” said Wade Foreman, “because none of us go to Boulder.”

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