CSU student showcases experimental, mixed-media in Hallery exhibit

Julia Trowbridge

Colorado State University students walk past The Hallery everyday, but they may not know the passion, creativity and fearlessness that went into each piece. 

The current exhibit is titled “Unbridled,” and it is a mixed-media gallery created by fourth year art major Todd Underwood. 


portrait of Todd Underwood
The Hallery is currently featuring Todd Underwood, a fourth year CSU Art Major with concentrations in painting and graphic design (Julia Trowbridge | Collegian)

According to his artist’s statement, Underwood’s goal for the gallery was to lose control and embrace unbridled creativity. Throughout this process, Underwood  said he grew as an artist because he did not contain his creative process. 

“I’m really experimenting right now,” Underwood said. “(The Hallery) is all experimental media. I used makeup, house paint and spray paint, and I really liked the process. Last semester, I took a ‘Methods and Materials’ class where we used experimental materials. I loved it and kept going with it. It’s where I found my work going.”

The Hallery is the only art gallery in the Lory Student Center dedicated to solely showcasing student work. It was created after students expressed interest in showcasing their work, and its location, which is the hallway in the basement leading out to the north parking lot, was chosen because of the large amount of foot traffic in the area.  

makeup painted on canvas
“Muted Bane,” makeup on canvas, by fourth year art major Todd Underwood (Julia Trowbridge | Collegian)

“(The Hallery) allows people to see and experience what students are making,” said Doug Sink, the program manager for the LSC Arts Program. “It gives students an opportunity to experience planning and setting up a gallery and showcasing their work. It’s valuable experience for an art career.” 

Underwood said creating art, specifically through painting, has allowed him an easy outlet to express himself. Although he created collages and painted with watercolors as a kid, he didn’t decide his major until he took an art course in high school.

“I got an override and took this second level art course,” Underwood said. “And I loved my high school art teacher. She really helped me learn and grow as an artist.”

Pink, yellow and brown paint on PVC board
“Earth Below” painted on PVC by fourth year art major Todd Underwood (Julia Trowbridge | Collegian)

Underwood said there is a idea that art is only for the high-class. He sees this as an inhibitor for other people who might want to view or attempt forms of art. 

“A lot of people see art as something they can’t grasp, so they don’t try,” Underwood said. “It’s not true. (Art) is a great community builder and experimental culture. There are a lot of good aspects that people don’t get to experience because they’re taught they’re not allowed to.”

Sean Kovatch, a third year student studying forestry, said he enjoys walking past the exhibit each day. 

“Todd’s art is thoroughly thought out,” Kovatch said. “You can tell that he puts a piece of himself in each piece he creates.”


Next Hallery Exhibit:

  • It will feature photographs from a semester at sea experience.
  • It will open mid-October. 

Reporter Julia Trowbridge can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com or on twitter @chapin_jules.