Alec Reviews Music: Local outfit Shatterproof release energetic and loud EP

Alec Erickson

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Chances are if you have heard of any local Fort Collins band, it is most likely Shatterproof. This quintet has always had a niche when it came to their music, bringing in violins to rock music. There are several apparent influences you can find within the band’s sound, but when it comes down to it they always manage to make it their own. With the release of their self-titled EP “Shatterproof” it could not be any clearer just how much work this band puts into their music.

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If you want to start off an EP and really kick it off with a bang, then you should name the lead track exactly what you are going for. The album starts us off with “So Punk,” and it is exactly that. With some catchy and loud riffs to start us off, this is a lead track that is as loud as it is fun to listen to it. “So Punk” has several deliberate peaks and valleys that are bound to make you connect with the track. It builds up and breaks down, just like a punk track should do. While it is layered, it is immediately surpassed by the next track “Cookie Cutter Life.” The second track off the EP takes a bit to start building up, yet focuses more on the vocal ranges. It manages to create a impressive wall of sound that really fills the space and when the rhythm kicks in you cannot help but tap along to the beat.

The third track “Karma” is most likely the one track you have heard from Shatterproof and for good reason. “Karma” is easily the standout track off the entire EP. It is the definitive Shatterproof track. Where structure is so methodically constructed, this track knows when to speed up and slowdown in the exact spots. While subject matter is a bit surface level with ex-relationships, you would be hard pressed not to find a punchy line to relate to. Overall, “Karma” is as fun as it is serious to listen to. This leads in to the final two tracks of the EP, “Definition of Fine” and “Lykos.” The first of which is the slowest track off the entire record, and deals with a lot more retrospection than anything else present. Once “Definition of Fine” starts picking up it is a little too late; at that point it starts going through several tonal shifts and is more likely to confuse listeners than anything. Fortunately, this track is followed by “Lykos,” which serves as the power ballad of the entire EP. “Lykos” manages to do a lot things right—that is what will undoubtedly keep you coming back time and time again to listen. While Shatterproof have proven that they know how to build up a track, “Lykos” is the culmination of the entire EP. Every previous track led up to this and you get more of a sense of conclusion when listening to it. From slow acoustic elements, to the edgy alternative rock that Shatterproof is known for, “Lykos” has it all and is the perfect note to end the EP on.

Should you listen to it?: YES!

Shatterproof have always been proving just what it takes to be great musicians, their self-titled EP is proving what they are as a band. It has just about anything you could want as a fan of the band and then some. While not every track is bound to blow you out of the water, it sure will try anyway. This is the perfect jumping in point for new fans of the band, while older fans will no doubt have everything memorized. This is one EP that manages to mostly do justice to what both the fans and the band want out of it.

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