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Green Report: Getting stoned at concerts

One of the most popular events for people to light up at, are music concerts, and with summer right around the corner, there are going to be more and more concerts and festivals at venues where the smoke will be in a cloud above the audience.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Concert venues are considered to be in the public, and therefore you are unable to get high legally though, even at Colorado’s most popular, and notoriously hazy concert venue, Red Rocks. The link states that the marijuana policy at Red Rocks is “as old as the rocks themselves,” but my dad used to tell me a story about when he went to a concert, either the Grateful Dead or Tom Petty, and a security guard pulled out a large bag of marijuana and asked him what my dad planned on doing with it. My father, the honest man he is, said, “I don’t know, probably burn it.”


The security guard then said “Oh, OK, go right in,” and placed the marijuana back in my dad’s bag and let him through.

Smoky concert (Photo courtesy of Maxpixel)

Sadly, these aren’t those days, even though weed is now legal recreationally here in Colorado. Yet, people are still chiefing up a storm, despite it being illegal and the search checkpoint. People are smoking so much, that a woman wrote this letter that was aired by 9 News. The letter is complaining about people smoking at Red Rocks and saying that it’s unpleasant and that she “wonder[s] if I am getting high on secondhand smoke and it is unsafe to drive home.”

Her claims are easily refuted though. She states that her and her husband love going to shows at Red Rocks and have been for years. If this were true, then she’d know that people were lighting up and getting the venue smoky LONG before marijuana was legalized in Colorado. Ask any old concert goer. Concerts and marijuana have been associated with each other since the 60’s, especially at outdoor venues like Red Rocks. Therefore, she should know what to expect, things like this are unlikely to change. Also, since Red Rocks is an outdoor amphitheater, and is therefore well ventilated, you shouldn’t get high from the second-hand smoke, unless it’s being blown directly in your face. Even then, second-hand smoke is almost always never enough to impair driving ability.

Nevertheless, marijuana remains illegal in the public, and therefore has a solid argument. So how can you get high at a concert? Well for one, you can eat or drink some edibles beforehand, or just take them out of the original packaging and sneak them in (shhhhh). This isn’t normally the same type of high as smoking and might impede your ability to find your seats, however. Another option is to smoke A LOT of weed before going to the concert. This will, however, most likely wear off before the concert even starts, unless you’re one of the lucky ones who can stay high for hours on end, I envy thee.

(Photo courtesy of Flickr)

So, what’s the best option? Well, it’s not the legal one, I’ll tell you that much.

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  • R

    Robert ChaseMay 3, 2017 at 8:36 am

    The General Assembly of Fascists (GA) made cannabis up to a level 1 drug felony, the cultivation of just seven (7) plants a felony, all sales of cannabis across most of Colorado a felony, and the public consumption of cannabis a drug petty offense — the Constitution does not forbid open and public consumption and the GA could rescind the statute making it illegal at any time and let localities pass their own ordinances. While cannabis is a euphoriant, its public use is better compared with that of tobacco rather than alcohol; if it is considered scandalous that people use cannabis in public, how much more so should it be for tobacco-addicts to assuage the pangs of their deadly habit there?

    The GA just enacted laws pretending to make felons of patients who use cannabis and their caregivers this legislative session. The GA is completely obsessed with cannabis, passing more laws against it every year. There have already been fifty-two (52) bills mentioning “marijuana [sic]” this session; the GA files more with each passing year.

    The witless swine peopling the Colorado General Assembly have already taxed cannabis far more than alcohol in defiance of our Constitution and they give some of the proceeds back to prohibitionists (e.g. $6 million this session to rural cops to harass home growers). Until taxes on cannabis are lowered to a rate comparable to taxes on alcohol and the State stops spending the revenue trying to shore up Prohibition, buy your cannabis from your friendly neighborhood drug dealer — buying from dispensaries helps fund Prohibition!

    P.S. Rep. Becker is a disaster. Did all the people in her district who use cannabis realize that she would proceed to sponsor a bill pretending to make felons of patients and enthusiastically endorse raising the State’s unconstitutional, exorbitant, and already disproportionate tax on cannabis even higher? This anti-representative should be recalled!

    P.P.S. “… she “wonder[s] if I am getting high on secondhand smoke and it is unsafe to drive home.”
    Her claims are easily refuted though.” — to wonder is not to claim. It is the modern fashion not to declare what one thinks or wants forthrightly, but always to insinuate slyly instead — I suggest “Her insinuation …” — the word is extremely useful to describe many or most utterances now.