CSU students explain the best ways to celebrate 4/20

Editor’s Note: Some students requested to withhold their last names to protect anonymity.


The infamous weed-friendly holiday is upon us.

One would think that since recreational marijuana use is 100% legal in Colorado if you are 21 and over, people would be more willing to share their plans.

However, this is a college campus. While there are many people that are of legal age, there are plenty that are not.

Therefore, some of these responses are answered from a purely hypothetical perspective.

One student said to “smoke a lot of pot.” Another student said “edibles and maybe a dab.”

It was unclear whether they were referring to the dance move or otherwise.

One student, Alex, said the best way to celebrate is to hang out with some friends and barbecue. Alex’s friend, Ashley, said that in a hypothetical situation, one in which she was 21, the best way to celebrate would be with blunts and edibles.

Others seemed to agree that 4/20 should be a social event. McKenzie Amis said that you should get high with your friends.

Cole Miller also had some advice for other people that may want to celebrate.

“I’d go with getting a big group of friends together and munching down on some candy after getting all your homework done, and getting some of that dank, dank smelling purp” Miller said. “Just roasting down on it, getting high as balls.”


Miller also suggested listening to some good music and mentioned that Kendrick Lamar came out with a new album. Additionally, Miller said that it is fun to watch fish in a tank.

Though if you are not partaking in any 4/20 recreational events, some students said that there are other ways to reap the benefits.

“Go to Cheba Hut, use their coupons, get some good sandwiches and enjoy the sun,” said Ben Fixman, who does not partake in any 4/20 recreational events but can appreciate a good tasting sub.

Well, there you have it. It seems that the best way to celebrate 4/20 is exactly how you’d expect: smoking weed.

In any case, be safe and responsible this holiday season. Please do not engage in any illegal or dangerous activity, such as smoking underage, driving or watching anything by David Lynch.

If all else fails, sit back and put on Kendrick Lamar’s new album and watch some fish swim around in a tank.

Collegian reporter Zach Bermejo can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com or on Twitter @zach_bermejo.