4 stores offering Record Store Day sales

Adelayde Dahlin

Over the years vinyl, CDs and even mix tapes have made a comeback, though some may argue they never really left. Either way, it is something to celebrate, so if you are a music connoisseur or new to this trend, check out some of these stores on April 22, the 10th Annual Record Store Day.

Here are stores in Colorado that will be offering Record Store Day sales:


Fort Collins: The Bizarre Bazaar: The Bizarre Bazaar is a local record store in Fort Collins that buys and sells used books, CDs and vinyl. Bizarre Bazaar is a very small shop that holds an array of different genres and types of music.

Make sure to stop by here for Record Store Day, not only because you would be supporting a local business but because they have planned festivities and major deals. According to their Facebook event, they are going to have free coffee, free cookies, a live performance with a vinyl DJ and the deal of 20% off all of their music inventory.

Check out their event here.

Loveland-Downtown Sound: Only a few miles outside of Fort Collins is the record store Downtown Sound that is also participating in Record Store Day. They open at 8 a.m. but recommend getting there much earlier due to the amount of people in previous years. According to their Facebook event, they are offering special items specifically for Record Store Day as well as promotional items including stickers and posters. They will be limiting the amount of special items everyone buys to make sure it is fair for everyone.

Learn more about their event here.

Boulder- Bart’s Record Shop: According to their Facebook page, they will have Record Store Day releases available as well as prizes. Also prior to 10 a.m., they will be joined by “Allegro” for coffee as well as “Moxie Bread Company.”

Check out their Facebook here.

Denver- Twist & Shout: If you happen to end up in Denver, check out this huge record store with plenty of character. According to their Facebook events, they are doing giveaways all weekend and their website has a changing list of the special releases for the 10th anniversary. “Thievery Corporation’s” Rob Garza will also be doing a performance at 3 p.m. through a live DJ vinyl set.

Check out their Facebook events here.

Go to recordstoreday.com for a complete list of participating stores.


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