The internet’s reaction to Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement

If you have not been on the internet or out of your home at all in the past few days, you probably haven’t heard the news, so here it is—Beyonce is pregnant, with not just one baby, but with twins. On Wednesday, Feb. 1, the singer posted this photo to her Instagram account

Photo credit: @beyonce on instagram

Beyonce captioned the photo “We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes. – The Carters”


And in the case that you have left your house or looked at the internet for even a second since Wednesday, you would know that the internet went absolutely insane when the singer announced that she and her husband, Jay Z, are expecting twins.

Here are some of the best reactions to the announcement from Queen B that the internet had to offer.

Photo credit: @dj_rockee on Twitter

First off, some fans just wanted to know how long the singer had been keeping the secret. People suspected that she has known for a while as her baby bump isn’t far from obvious. @dj_rockee on Twitter perfectly demonstrated the thought process of those who were curious about how long it would be before the Carter twins grace our world.

Photo credit: @jaestephens on Twitter

Others were worried about what would happen to Beyonce’s headlining performance spot at Coachella 2017 with the news of babies on the way. According to TMZ, the performance is “up in the air,” stating that producers of Coachella were left “in the dark” about the pregnancy until the news hit the internet. If Knowles-Carter is already a decent way into the pregnancy early February, many are questioning whether or not she will be able to perform. Many fans took to the internet to let her know that they would still want to see her perform even if she is almost due, such as @jaestephens did on Twitter.

Photo credit: @annaclaireholla on Twitter

Beyonce fans have long been known to refer to the singer as “Mom.” Many people, including twitter user @annaclaireholla picked up on the reference and took the time to reference the dream of being Beyonce’s child.

Photo credit: @itsonlyzach on Twitter

Twitter user @itsonlyzach had this shocking realization that Beyonce’s name could have a new meaning all together.

Photo credit: @edsbs on Twitter

With all of the chaos going on in today’s world in a time of great social and political conflict, many people are starting to feel like the world is falling apart. But with the news of new Beyonce babies entering the world, many fans feel like this is what the performer did in order to attempt to save 2017 before it gets out of hand, such as @sarahxjoness on Twitter.

Photo credit: @TheEllenShow on Twitter

Even Ellen Degeneres herself took to Twitter to express her excitement for the new Carter babies.



Although the internet did go crazy, congratulating Queen B and Jay Z on the exciting news, some people were just sick and tired of hearing about it. They didn’t care at all that the singer is expecting twins, nor do they care for her music—another extremely unpopular opinion. Twitter user @sarahxjoness was one of those people.

Photo credit: @kardashianreact on Twitter

After everything is said and done, almost everyone was beyond excited at the out of the blue announcement that Beyonce graced her fans with this past Wednesday. But no one could quite be as excited as someone who takes a blow horn into a store about it.