Geeks Who Drink brings fun competition to Illegal Pete’s in Fort Collins

Illegal Pete’s in Old Town got a taste of some good ole’ classic fun last night during a Geeks Who Drink trivia night on Wednesday night. From competitive winners, to first time groups, Illegal Pete’s was filled with laughter, sassiness and fun.

Geeks Who Drink sponsors a homegrown Pub Trivia Quiz, which is molded like the ones that exist in Ireland and in the United Kingdom. This game is built from numerous fun and tricky rounds, including having to guess specific tunes, TV theme songs and movie quotes.


Jennifer Oswald, a Geeks who Drink fan, made the drive up from Denver to attend.

“It’s fun to escape reality and have fun with my friends,” Oswald said. This is the best type of bonding for my specific friend group.”

Having done this before, Oswald has seen and played in both Denver and Fort Collins before.

“My favorite part of this trivia is guessing who sings what songs,” Oswald said. “I have an ear for music so my team leaves that part of the game for me.”

Knowing that she was coming up to Fort Collins for this event, Oswald said the wait was worth it because, “it gave me something to look forward to,” Oswald siad.

Jake Conner, who is an avid trivia enthusiast, had his first Geeks Who Drink experience at Illegal Pete’s.

“I think the best part about Geeks Who Drink is getting to test your skills on a bunch of different topics, and seeing who is the smart one out of your friends of course,” Conner said. “Illegal Pete’s is a great place to host this event because it has perfect comfort food when you’re losing and great beer when you’re winning.”

For a Wednesday night, Illegal Pete’s was packed, “with the stress of school picking up its pace, it is nice to forget about all your school worries, eat, drink and have a good healthy rivalry,” Conner said.

There were numerous teams at Illegal Pete’s competing to win. There were a couple different prizes but the one that has the most value is the street cred that comes with winning.

Another first timer, Amanda Pooler and friends had nothing but smiles on their face while playing together.


“I have never heard of this game or company before but once I saw the event on Facebook I had to get my friends to come with me” Pooler said. “We were kind of nervous to come at first because we thought we would look like amateurs but I’m glad that was not the case.”

“People who come to events like this are purely doing it for the fun that it brings,” said Brenna Rodriguez, another first timer of the Geeks Who Drink experience. “I know I sound like a loser but I actually showed up alone because my friends were too busy but once I came in a group of friends were super nice and inviting”.

Rodriguez defined tonight’s events as “chill, fun and inviting.”

“No one judges you,” Rodriguez said. “No one makes you feel dumb, it anything we laugh with each other never at each other.”

Geeks Who Drink is a company out of Denver that has had hosted this Bar Trivia in over 700 different bars and restaurants in 42 states. You can check out where they will be hosting their next Pub Trivia Night on their website.