Colorado band Greener Grounds to headline Hodi’s Half Note

Representing Northern Colorado, the jamtronica Denver based band Greener Grounds is set to headline at Hodi’s Half Note with Mister F and Broccoli Samurai here in Fort Collins on Saturday, Dec. 3.

Since the July 2016 release of their new album “Momentous,” Greener Grounds has been touring the country and loving every minute of it.


“The touring we’ve done throughout the year has been such a rewarding, eye opening experience,” wrote drummer for Greener Grounds AJ Gillman in an email to the Collegian. “From tours we did in California to New York, there were so many ups and downs we experienced that helped us learn a lot about what it means to be a real full time sustainable touring act.”

According to Gillman, the Mister F boys and Broccoli Samurai members are good friends and have played together more than once, making the Dec. 3 show a must-see performance.

“We’ve played a couple of shows with Greener Grounds, and a whole slew with Broccoli Samurai,” wrote Mister F’s keyboardist, vocalist and vocoder Scott Hannay in an email to the Collegian. “These bands both bring a danceable, vibrant energy to their shows and are all excellent people looking to make others feel just that, excellent. Greener Grounds has also asked me to sit in with them a few times and it’s been a blast and I hope that gets to happen again!”

Greener Grounds has played at multiple festivals around the country, Sonic Bloom and ARISE, two of Colorado’s top music festivals among them. But they might sound different this time around. The band has expressed their foundations being rooted in their passion for music, pursuit of environmental sustainability and niche in collective consciousness, which is all expressed through their music and constantly evolving.

“We like to think that our songs and musical capabilities should evolve as time goes,” Gillman wrote.

One member of the band, keys/synth player Roland Hansen, is stepping down to pursue his calling to help rebuild communities in Haiti that have experienced catastrophic natural disasters this year and in the past.

“As we wish him the best, we also look forward to filling his shoes with a new member who can help us take the music to new heights,” Gillman wrote. “I definitely see it as an opportunity to grow, and the rest of the band feels the same.”

With 2016 being such a great and successful year for GG, 2017 is looking to be another element of elevation for the band.

“2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year for us,” Gillman wrote. “I think we would like to scale back on how hard we tour this year to make sure we are writing enough music. That does not mean you won’t see us all over the place because that’s definitely not the case.”

GG said they already have plenty of festival dates rolling in by the numbers, and many more exciting shows to announce.


“Also, as you may know, we have a sponsorship with Grassroots California, and are in the works of releasing a new version GG snap and fitted style hat this year,” Gillman wrote. “So there’s definitely lots of excitement brewing on the horizon for Greener Grounds in 2017.”

The band is also offering a limited time only buy one ticket and get the second one free beginning this Monday ending Tuesday. For more information visit