How to turn nostalgic childhood games into drinking games

Childhood board games bring a certain level of nostalgia to everyone, and the memories associated with board games are common for people of all ages. Now that we are all in college, it is time to change the rules and make these lovable games more age appropriate. Here are five board games you can turn into drinking games for a fun game night this weekend:

Go Fish


This game is not really a board game but more of a simple card game. It is easy enough to play with just a deck of cards and some beers.

The rules are fairly simple. Every time you have to “go fish,” take a drink, and every time you play a pair of matching cards, everyone else has to take a drink. This game is best for friends who do not want to get into a complex game but still want to have fun.


Monopoly has been known to ruin friendships for decades, but with this alcoholic alternative, it should be more fun to play with your close pals. For this game, you should have an alcoholic beverage of your choice that you can drink a lot of as you will still need to remain fiscally intelligent while drinking.

The rules of this game are not that different from the original game. Every time you land on an empty lot and do not purchase it, you drink. Drink when you land on the following spaces: Chance, Community Chest, Utilities, Free Parking, Just Visiting, Luxury or Income Tax.


As one of the longer winded games in existence, it is recommended that you read the rules before you begin drinking and take it very slow. Risk seems to last forever when people are just battling back and forth without ever really getting anywhere, so here are some ways to speed up the process. Bring plenty of beer and whisky for this one.

This game includes very simple drinking rules that are much more simple than the game’s rules. Every time you take over a territory, the loser must drink beer. Any time you take control of a continent, you must take a shot of whiskey.


Arguably the most frustrating game ever created, with its loud buzzer and annoying flashing red nose, this game becomes almost impossible when you get drunk. Try to keep a steady hand. This game can be played with whatever alcohol you prefer.


Every time you succesfully remove an object from the “patients” body, you give two drinks, and any time you touch the walls and the buzzer goes off, you must drink.

Tic Tac Toe

Here is another fairly simple game that can be turned into a drinking fest. Take a sharpie and draw the letters x and o on shot glasses. Every time you place an x or o, you must take the shot before putting it down.

There is also always the option of simply sipping on your beverage of choice while you play a fun game with your friends. Enjoy the weekend, and drink responsibly.