Blink-182 performs nostalgic concert at Denver’s Pepsi Center

Alternative pop-punk band Blink-182 captivated an almost completely full audience Tuesday night at Denver’s Pepsi Center, bringing not only a massive amount talent but an engaging show as well.

Openers for the show included early 2000s band The All American Rejects and A Day to Remember.


The All American Rejects set the mood for the show when they opened with one of their classic hits “Dirty Little Secret,” and they kept the vibe up by participating with the crowd.

While The All American Rejects started off the night by bringing us back to the early 2000s, A Day to Remember got the crowd even more hyped by playing songs like “2nd Sucks” and “All signs point to Lauderdale.” Throwing toilet paper and beach balls into the crowd, they initiated the party-like atmosphere.

A Day to Remember front-man Jeremy McKinnon boasted about how their new album, Bad Vibrations, that was just released is second on this week’s Billboard 200 Album Chart. They also gave a surprise shout out to Fort Collins and reminisced about how they recorded in Fort Collins’ own recording studio The Blasting Room.

Blink-182 then came on the stage, and the crowd instantly got at least ten octaves louder. Opening with the song “Feeling This,” the crowd almost immediately joined in singing.

The whole show lasted two blissful hours, and one of the most amazing aspects, besides the band them self, was the stage presence and the pyrotechnics which constantly provided an array of sparks and flames.

In addition to playing songs from their newest album,”California,” the band incorporated a mix of old and new hits. The band also performed “What’s My Age Again?” and newer tunes like “Bored to Death.”

The concert boasted an almost full arena. Because of the size of the crowd, the concert also included a sing-along session and mosh pits in which people showcased their appreciation for the upbeat, fast paced music.

The special thing about this concert was not only the length and how many songs they played but the fact that they really connected with the crowd.

After playing their last song, Blink-182 received a resounding applause for an encore. They came back on stage to play two more songs, and one of those was their most popular classic “All the Small Things.”

Blink-182 is one of the most iconic punk bands from the 2000s that is still around today, and their concert was an incredible experience that any fan of the band should experience.