Fort Collins Focus: October 2019

Anna von

The Fort Collins Focus is a half-page image printed in every copy of The Rocky Mountain Collegian and published online during normal the publication schedule. The focus section was established as a place for Collegian photographers to report on the community and its members in a photojournalistic format.

man snowboards
Colorado State University student Jake Cooper launches off a snow ramp he built with his friends on the hill at the Laurel Village Pavilion Oct. 29. They decided the snow was a good excuse to get “sendy on a Tuesday,” Cooper said. (Addie Kuettner | The Collegian)
man skateboards
Taking advantage of the weather before it snows, Fort Collins resident Jake Herrera skateboards at Spring Canyon Skate Park on Thursday, Oct. 24. Established in 2007, the park is free to the public and open dawn until dusk all year round. (Anna Montesanti | The Collegian)
Woman is cooking slow cooker black bean soup
Second-year food science and nutrition student Emilie Hebert makes a slow-cook black bean soup Oct. 10. Hebert is originally from Louisiana and has run her own nutrition, home, travel and lifestyle blog called Emilie Eats for four years. “Food blogging seemed like a really perfect combination for my love of food and my love of social media,” Hebert said. “I went vegan the summer before I started my blog, and I’m at a really cool spot because a lot of people are interested in vegan recipes even if they aren’t vegan themselves. I think it’s really awesome that they are open to eating a plant-based recipe, even if it’s just one a day or one a week, so I like to think of things that we have been eating our entire lives.” (Colin Shepherd | The Collegian)
Boy plays arcade game
Young Fort Collins resident Graham W. plays an arcade game for the first time inside Pinball Jones in Old Town Oct. 10. The bar and arcade has a downtown location as well as a Campus West location on Elizabeth Street. (Brooke Buchan | The Collegian)
special olympics player fist bumps volunteer
Sebastian Bastille, left, an athlete with the Special Olympics Club at Colorado State University, fist bumps the club’s financial chair, Kyle Baird, before the flag football game begins on the Intramural Fields Oct. 8. The creed of the worldwide organization is “Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.” The student-run club at CSU has been nationally recognized by ESPN for their leadership and ability to foster an encouraging environment that has transformed the lives of young adults with special needs throughout the Fort Collins community. (Alyssa Uhl | The Collegian)
woman works in comic shop
Susan Bonner organizes shelves inside Halley’s Comics in downtown Fort Collins Oct. 9. Bonner and her husband have owned the store for 31 years and have seen “customers that started out as little kids” continue to come to the store now as adults.(Ryan Schmidt | The Collegian)
Woman making jewelry at worktable
Maggie Connolly makes jewelry in her store and work space, Old Town Metals, Oct. 3. Connolly has owned her store in Old Town Square for the last three years has been making jewelry for the past 15 years. Her most popular pieces are earrings, but she also makes necklaces and bracelets with materials such as sterling silver, gold and copper. Her favorite part about being a jeweler and owning her own business is “being able to come in and be creative every day.” (Anna Montesanti | The Collegian)
three men play instruments and sing
Ananda-Murari Das (left), Radhe-Syama (center) and Harley (right) perform Kirtan chants while playing harmonium, mrandga drum and kartals next to the Morgan Library Oct. 1. Radhe-Syama and Harley will receive full spiritual names, with the last name meaning servant of God, after completing their time as student monks at the Ashram in Denver. The three musicians follow the spiritual path of Bhakti Yoga and run the Musical Meditation Club at Colorado State University that meets on Tuesdays from 5-7p.m. in the Danforth Chapel or in the Oval, weather permitting. (Matt Tackett | The Collegian)


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