Fort Collins Focus: November 2019

Anna von

The Fort Collins Focus is a half-page image printed in every copy of The Rocky Mountain Collegian and published online during normal the publication schedule. The focus section was established as a place for Collegian photographers to report on the community and its members in a photojournalistic format.

man doing road work with a shovel
Rene Rudeie works on a road work site along Plum Street by Rams Village Nov. 15. Rudeie and others were replacing sidewalk sections and adding detectable warning pavers, which are the small metal bumps that help people with a visual impairment know when they are leaving the street. Rudeie has been doing work like this for 35 years, and he noted that when it comes to the type of work he does, “it’s everything.” (Ryan Schmidt | The Collegian)
man riding bike
Alonso Preciado, a second-year landscape architecture major, spends a sunny afternoon riding BMX bikes with his friend Austin Reed Nov. 13. He began riding about two years ago and works on his bunny hop in this photo. “I like to ride BMX for fun, and it is quite the stress reliever,” Preciado said. (Addie Kuettner | The Collegian)
Freshman construction management major and geology minor John Gardner paints watercolors in a Newsom Hall study room with his pet mouse, Brenito Mouselini. Gardner got Mouselini on Oct. 31 from the Larimer County Humane Society. Since then, Gardner has “been spending nearly every waking moment with him” and taking his pet mouse to classes where he sleeps in Gardner’s pocket. Gardner did not expect to form such a close bond with the mouse, but he feels that Mouselini is “like a tiny little dog that can climb.” He says he receives mixed reactions when people know he has a pet mouse, but that Mouselini is still “the best wing man (he’s) ever had.” (Lucy Morantz | The Collegian)
A climber at Whetstone Climbing gym’s first ever Halloween headlamp climbing event Oct. 31. Unlike traditional gym climbing, participants used their own headlamps to navigate their way through routes. Since it was Halloween, the gym invited people to wear costumes, as well as find candy hidden along climbing routes. (Skyler Pradhan | The Collegian)
man plays at piano in the dark
Colorado State University student Zach Shepard performs during the 14th annual Halloween Organ Extravaganza in the University Center for the Arts’ Organ Recital Hall Oct. 30. “Every year, the students seem to come up with the most creative ideas for the show,” said Joel Bacon, professor in the School of Music, Theater and Dance, about the sold-out event. “If people think organ music — or organists — are boring, this concert is designed to change their minds.” (Alyssa Uhl | The Collegian)


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