Spring Cleaning: Getting Rid of Old Clothes and Developing a New Style

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The start of spring offers the perfect time to clear some space in your closet for new clothes. Use the start of spring as a time to reflect on the clothes that make you feel confident and get rid of the clothes that no longer fit your sense of style. As always, when shopping for new clothes, look for variety. The more variety you have between colors, textures and patterns, the more elevated your wardrobe will become. 


Deciding between which clothes stay and which clothes go: Don’t get rid of everything unless you can afford to buy a completely new wardrobe. Start by getting rid of clothes that no longer fit you comfortably. Then, separate your favorite items from the items you don’t wear as often. Think deeply about whether or not you ever plan on wearing some of the items you don’t wear as often. If you can’t envision a new way to style them, it might be time to part ways. 

Where to donate your clothes: You can always donate clothes to a thrift store, sell clothes online, or give them to friends and family. There are plenty of people who would benefit from your donating clothes. 

Create a mood board for the style you want to embody: Once you have room in your closet, brainstorm ideas for the ways you’d like to elevate your style. Think about what you want your style to say about you. Once you’ve chosen an aesthetic, take your time buying clothes. You don’t need to go on a shopping spree to fill your closet back up. Rather, you should always have space for something new in your closet. 

Remember to always stick to the basics: At the very least, you should always have white and black T-shirts, blue and black jeans, and a white pair of shoes. From there your wardrobe can grow into whatever you want it to be. You can never have enough basics. 

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