Layering With Jewelry: Using Accessories to Create More Complex Outfits

Jorge Espinoza and Sponsored Content

When it comes to accessories, jewelry can be one of the easiest and most versatile pieces to style. Jewelry can accentuate parts of your body your clothing can’t, compliment your skin, and add an extra layer to your outfit. Us it correctly and anything from a simple necklace to a large pair of earrings can take your outfit to the neck level.

When choosing jewelry think about the color, texture, and type of jewelry you’re wearing. These will all factor into your outfit. When done right you’ll have a variety of mixed and matched textures to work with. When done wrong your outfit will feel unbalanced.


Color: When choosing the color of the jewelry you want to wear, start with figuring out you skin’s undertone. There are plenty of online tests and tutorials to help you figure out your undertone. Generally, if you find that you look better in gold jewelry, you most likely have a warm or neutral undertone. If silver looks better on you, than your undertone is most likely cool or neutral. Knowing if you look better in gold or silver will help you choose jewelry that compliments your skin.

What colors are you wearing? Once you figure out which colors look best on your skin, think about the overall color palette of your outfit. Generally, if you’re wearing warmer colors you would want to match them with gold. Similarly, silver jewelry matches well with cool tones. It’s useful to think about the colors you’re wearing but it doesn’t have to be the deciding factor. If you think gold will go well with your cool-toned outfit, go for it. Sometimes breaking the rules can yield better results.

Necklaces: The elite layering item. If you’re wearing a tank top, a necklace will bring attention to your chest and neck. Pair it with a regular t-shirt for a similar effect. When it’s cold outside wear it on top of your hoodie or sweater. Use a necklace to create an extra layer between a button-up shirt and undershirt. Pair it with another necklace for even more texture. There are endless ways to mix and match necklaces.

Earrings: Earrings are much more important than you may think. They frame your face and serve as the bridge between the top half of your outfit and your face. Bigger earrings tell a story and can be a direct reflection of your overall outfit. Studs bring subtle attention to your face and are the perfect option for people who aren’t into large earrings. Earrings come in limitless shapes, sizes, and textures which is why they can make or break your outfit. Tie in your favorite pair of earrings with your favorite shirt and you’ll see the difference.