How to Style Shirts with Buttons

Jorge Espinoza and Sponsored Content

Plain T-shirts are a great place to start when you first start exploring fashion. When you’re ready to elevate your style, introduce shirts with buttons into your wardrobe. Whether it is a button-up shirt or a simple polo shirt, buttons add texture and layers to whatever you choose to pair them with.

Polo Shirts are a great transition from plain T-shirts to more sophisticated tops. They bring attention to your neck, and if you wear a necklace underneath you can add another layer between you and your shirt.


Henley Shirts are similar to polo shirts. Each usually have about three buttons that shape your neck, however, Henley shirts don’t have a fancy collar. If you’re looking for a more casual look a Henley is a great option. They also look great with long sleeves or short sleeves.

Button-Up and Button-Down Shirts are also great layering items. What’s special about these shirts is that the large number of buttons can give different effects. If you’re looking for a more baggy look, leave all the buttons open. You can rock a sleek undershirt or a plain T-shirt underneath. Similarly, you can button your shirt halfway and tuck in your shirt to accentuate your waste. This still gives you space to layer your buttoned shirt with another shirt underneath. When you’re feeling more formal button the shirt up all the way and tuck it in.

*Button-down shirts have extra buttons on the collar that button down the collar. Button-up shirts do not have these extra buttons on the collar.

Here’s some inspiration: