How to Choose the Right Shoe

Jorge Espinoza and Sponsored Content

Shoes are the foundation of all good outfits. They round out the lower half of your outfit by either elongating your legs or dressing up your feet. When choosing the right pair of shoes, think about the occasion, weather, color of the shoes, and height you want to be. From there, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on how you’d like to step out.

WHAT’S THE OCCASION? If it’s just a casual day, choose your favorite pair of shoes. For special events choose a pair of heels or loafers to match your outfit. If you’re feeling more athletic, choose a pair of running shoes. The key is to be mindful of who and where you’re wearing your shoes around.


WHAT’S THE WEATHER LIKE? This one is simple. However, when it’s cold outside it’s important to take some extra time to be thoughtful about which shoes to wear. In many cases, your favorite pair of shoes probably won’t cut it. Go for warm, insulated boots that will help you from slipping on ice. Pro-tip: Match your boots with your belt or top to keep the outfit cohesive.

HOW TALL DO YOU WANT TO BE? There is nothing wrong with buying shoes with the intention of looking taller. Heels can be a great place to start, although they may be too dressy depending on the occasion. More inclusive options include a strong pair of platforms, pumps, or heeled boots. A couple of extra inches never hurt anyone. 

CHOOSING THE RIGHT COLOR: You should always have at least one pair of white shoes and one pair of black shoes. No matter what the outfit is, black or
white shoes will always match. From there consider choosing shoes that match your belts, tops or jackets. This is an easy way to tie your shoes into your outfit if you’re not sure which shoes to wear.

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