Lucky 27 Grooming Tips

Hayden Cole


It’s not just your wardrobe that needs adjusting in the fall – swapping shorts for pants and short-sleeve polo shirts for flannels is only half of the equation. You’ll also want to rethink your grooming regimen for the colder weather and drier air. This may include growing out your hair and facial hair, for example.


Tip #1: If you’re growing a beard this fall, keep it maintained

A beard wash will keep it clean and help prevent itchiness.

A beard oil will condition the hair to keep it soft, not prickly.

Tip #2: The same goes for stubble

A dual-purpose formula like Stubble & ‘Stache Face Moisturizer and Beard Conditioner will soften up tough scruff while protecting and hydrating the skin underneath.

Tip #3: Grow out your hair

If you’ve spent the summer with a high and tight cut, fall is an opportunity to grow out your hair, which calls for a specialized styler. A light-hold cream like V76 by Vaughn Well Groomed Ultralight Cream will keep it smooth and in place while adapting to your hair’s natural shape.

Tip #4: Colder weather means drier air, and your grooming routine should adjust accordingly

A good hand cream will condition dry, chapped hands, and help prevent painful cracking. You can also back up your moisturizer with a non-drying cleanser: CW BEGGS AND SONS Face Wash strips away oil and grime while locking in moisture to keep skin healthy and hydrated.

Look Good, Feel Good Gentlemen !! From your local neighborhood barbershop – Lucky 27 


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