It’s Formal SZN

Teagan Smith

By Teagan Smith

When you’re planning for formal, do you match outfits with your date? If you do, then how do you coordinate?


Mike Lensky, a senior at Colorado State University majoring in Business gave us an insight into the process of coordinating formal attire with a date.

“Yeah, we do match outfits with our dates. It’s harder for the girl to match the guy, so we ask [their date] about the dress first, and then the accessories. Depending on the dress, if it’s any color other than white, then I will match my tie to the closest shade I can with her dress.”

Lensky stated that “suit pants don’t matter as much, but it’s good to find a suit that appeals to the type of formal event.” For dances such as a fraternity or sorority formals, Mike suggests, grey, navy, and black. Not charcoal grey and no brown. You want to look clean”.

“Your tie is the most important thing to match with the dress.” 

Attire is an important aspect to consider when going to Fraternity and Sorority formals. “Another big thing is to make sure that other accessories like your belt, shoes, and socks accentuate the dress”, says Lensky. If she’s wearing brown heels, then wear brown shoes. Black heels? Black shoes.

Mike said that “you’re trying to go with your date, so matching them shows the bond between you going together whether you’re in a relationship or not. It makes the event nicer and looks great for photos.”